Friday, January 11, 2008



mygoddd, FINALLY, finished with the stupid Pemantapan diri crap.
and it had to be when i brought books to school.
when it was SUPPOSED to be form 3's turn, Cikgu Azhar gave us a pleasant surprise in telling that it was Form 2's turn.
and most of us, didn't bring our books.

first, we were introduced to the new headmistress.
twas boring as i didn't hear sangat.

then, started with the program.
FIRST off was the Ikrar Pelajar.
did ok, i guess.

then, Lagu Sekolah
goddddddd. i hate singing infront of prefects. so awkward-ish.

moved on to Negaraku
easy peasy.

walked to the place near the Bilik Seni place, for Visi and Misi Sekolah

THEN, we had Baris Sedia, thingymabob
i think i got like 2 for that. or mmmmaybe 1.
serious shit, confusing.
and the guy in the samping wasn't helping.

then, twas rehat.
a loooooong rehat.

after that, kumpul-ed to the tapak perhimpunan and then were redirected to wherever we were supposed to head next.
aaaaand, we got to the same place for that baris sedia thing, and did Ikrar Sekolah
wait, is it ikrar sekolah ? or er, what ?
haha, nevermind.
i did ok with that, but they kept telling me to keep my hand straight when it was.
errr, whatever.

then went to the canteen to do Lagu Bestari.
was in the first group to do so.
With Najihah, Rach, Wenn Hong, Sanju, aaaand i frgt who else.
i messed up my english version.
and that Ashraf Azhari kept looking at me and that made it worse -_-'
hahaha, and he confused us, and since Najihah is new, she got the privilege of having the lyric sheet.
i wanted to take a peak, but that Ashraf kept halang-ing us. hahahaha.
god. o.o

Last but not keast, we had the Lagu Wilayah part. That Shah was funny.
And kacau-ed us.

thennnn, we had to go to the, i station and did alright, i guess.

after that, we stayed a bit at the canteen and there was this guy trying to get Najihah's number so, Sarah, Dina, Suraya, and me were like, kacau-ing that guy, shooing him, infact.
and he still wanted the number so we gave him.
well, sort of.
we gave him a fake one.
i can't believe he fell for that.
and we told him that Najihah isn't her name and it was Naufarr.
with a double R, ok.
we laughed like hellllll.
crazy klkr.

made up a last name which was hilarious.

she's been in this school for less then a week, and she already has a line of admirers
Poor Little Pretty Girl


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