Thursday, January 24, 2008


today was the photo session for Sasteramas.
i have no idea why they're doing it soooo early.
so yeah, the class shoot was fun
i sat between Imran and Rach.
Did it all then off to class.
then, by 12.30, Afiqah and Eijas came up to 3 Edi and Suraya and I were called downstairs to take picture for KH club.

so, it was supposed to be like, the AJK's but most of the form 4's came down anyway.
we waited.. and waited til like 1 and FINALLY, it was kh club's turn.
stood beside Suraya cause honestly ?
i'm like scared of the form 4's.
serious shit.
i mean, they're so popular so like, they are the untouchable's.

and kamar was in the photo even though he's actually in CLub Seni Foto.
Stupid -.-



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