Tuesday, January 8, 2008


though you can't mess around so much with him.
it's him who'll be messing around with you.
HAHAHA, that didn't sound right, huh ?

i wanna talk or type in this matter about yesterday.
It was Fatimah's (a dear dear friend of mine) birthday.
Got to wish her when i went to their school which was my previous school.
Was so nice to see them all again !
Shira hugged me so tight, i actually fell.
HAHAHA, then Sheryll took about 10 seconds to remember me -__-"
then i went to class to class to say, 'HI!'.
hahaha, felt like a freakin' celebrity.
i know i'm missed.

waved and shrieked at everyone since i miss them like gila gila.
saw Joey and he was like,

NADIAA! *waved* How's Brenda?
Er, fiine ?
How's Belle? How about Kristin ? And Rachael ?
Er, i don't know ! They're fine? ? what la you, joey -_-"

oh and he was shouting to me, since he was in class but no teacher, ysee.
hahaha, stupid.

then, when school was done (they finish at 2.30. gila lambat riiiight) i met MORE friends.
said hi and smiled like what.

then, Ian was looking at my badge, saying it was so cacat looking but i shot back saying, 'Hello, what school got a triangle shaped badge?'
*No kidding, theirs is triangular *
but was such a great time seeing them back again.

so, ok, did nothing.
except, well, my mum, sisters and I went to eat Steamboat at Ikano.
Was good, as usual.

Then i slept early, at like 9.30-10 ?
Somewhere then la.

SOOO, today.

serious shit.
i'm kinda lucky cause Edison got good teachers.
Cikgu Yu is freakin' fun, wei.
But you don't mess with him.
And he's also seriously funny.
I laughed so much. :D
but ofcourse, got work.

But before that, we had Science.
was ok, and that lungs thingy was weiiiird.
And scary but way radical.

It was MOVING !
then, teacher asked about air pressure and Sarah and I were the only one to answer wrongly.
HAHAHAHA, does that say much about out school life, or whaaaaaat?!
but fun, nevertheless.

MYGOD, tomorrow got that Pemantapan Disiplin Diri.
Shitto Mundo.
My ikrar sekolah is dead.
damn damn damn.
dhla have to do infront of the pengawas.


p/s: OH OH, birthday is in *counts* 11 daaaaaays. YEAH MAN. 15, here i coooooome.

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