Monday, January 14, 2008

bad day,

i had a really bad day, weiiiii

But first, SARAH IMAN TURNED 15 todaaaaaay.
Happy Birthday, Love <3
Thanks for being a dear friend to me, and for keeping my secrets.
love you to bits and pieces. MUAH.

So, let's get back to the i'm-having-a-bad-day thing.
First up, the injection which scared the hell out of me.
I actually cried before the injection really happened.
Sarah was before me, and she actually half screamed which freaked me out.
When it was my turn, gila babi, takuuuuuuuuuut.
I like, closed my eyes so hard and counted to 5 in my head.
I didn't even realise it was out.
The sting was still there.
So yeah.
Then, the arm that got injected was like numb and so freakin' lenguh.
Like you couldn't even lift your own hand.

Then, i went to the toilet thinking Aunt Flo came for a surprise visit, and i dnt knw how, my skirt like tercabut.
OK, not that horrific.
The hook actually broke and all that i was hanging on to was my zip -.-
Thank God, it didn't like, jatuh and humiliate myself.

Then, after i came back, ate, bathe around 4 (yeah, i knw, it's like so late but shutup) and went to send Zaim for his Pengakap Kawad thing.
Then, we (Mum, Tania, me) went to Cecilia.
Estelle's mum.
To order my 15th Birthday Cake.
MYGODDDDD, there was this really really gorgeous Sweet 16 3 tiered cake.
i'm so having it next year.
it's miiiiine.
So, ok, anyway, I planned it to be like, butter cake, with butter icing.
But then, end up with a round chocolate cake.
I was kinda, sorta, mmmmmaybe pissed.
Cause it wasn't at all what i wanted.
So then, in the car, Mama was like all bising cause I was bising about the cake.
So we fought.
And refused to speak to each other.
We went to TESCO for a bit but not a word.
I wasn't about to give in, besides, it's MY 15th, and this is like the first time i've ordered a customized cake.
Usually, i'll get none or a crappy boring one from Secret Recipe.

After fetching Zaim from schl, went back.
Still not a word.

Then, whilst eating dinner, Mama called via phone since she was out at the time and told me that, there were a change of plans and she told me to choose either the cake i oredered before or the cake that i WILL order.
so i picked the the one that i WILL order which is from a different person.
I seriously hope and pray it'll be as nice (or nicer) as the one Cecilia makes cause I swear to God, Cecilia makes beautiful cakes.
And freakin' delicious.
So pray, people.


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