Thursday, January 3, 2008


120th post, babyyyyyyyyyyyy.


Anyway, today was the first day of school.
Thank God, 3 Edison remains on the second floor as opposed to the 3rd one.

Gosh, i missed everyoooooooooooooooooooone.
Hugged almost everyone.
And shrieked.

so after the perhimpunan which by the way, we had to stand the whole time, Amanda and I sorta, kinda, mmmmaybe did be a bit kepoci, and rushed to get good seats up infront.
and sarah and i got the middle row and straight on to the white board.
so chances of teachers picking us to do anything, are huge.

HEY, don't judge. In order to get straight A's, you wanna get all the knowledge you can 'serap', ok.

So today was mainly about SPBT and er, barcodes ?

But it was fun though.
getting to meet friends.. AGAIN !
golly goshh.

fun gila babs.

and then, went back and ate at Ayu Saji.

i have no clue as to where my appetite has menghilang to, wei.
Like, it's went right out the window and never flew back in -.-



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