Saturday, January 5, 2008


today was pretty much a huge bore.
woke up at like, 11.30 but slept back at 3-ish and woke up at 6.
mygod la.
i get so sleepy these days.

SO, now, i'm alone with my maid at home since the others are at my cousin's place but i didn't bother going cause everytime i go there, i get so bored, it's unbelievable how i come home in one piece.

so skipped the birthday/farewell party and just lazed at home.
ate chicken wings and some garlic break courtesy of Pizza Hut
and after they went to the party, i grabbed my Pepsi, and my English Lit book, Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde and continued where i finished last night, in my mum's room.
with the aircond on.

I looooooove being in my parent's room.
it's so serene.
and neat.
cause mine's not.
at all.

so popped in Michael Buble's album in the radio and read.
freakin' heaven, i tell you.

i finally finished the book which got quite interesting at the end and started reading my other book that i bought at Pavi, The Atonement and read til like, what, page 6 ?!
cause the words confused me and i had to read the sentence over and over again.
so i stopped.

i flipped through pictures and remembered the box of millions of cards that my mum keeps everytime.

Some were from my mum to my dad and vice versa.
Mygoddddddd, they were the most romantic, sweetest, most touching cards i've read.
i actually cried reading one from my mum's card to my dad.
and another from my grandparents to my mum on her 22nd birthday.
it's so cool, y'knw reading things like this.
now, all we do is through Myspace, Facebook and Friendster, it's kind of ridiculous.

i prefer writing letters and cards cause they seem and very much are personal.
and the fact that they actually took the time to write which is kind of rare, with the presence of the ever evolving technology.

so i think it's really sweet of someone gives something handwritten.
it kinda touches my heart.
no, seriously, it does.


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