Saturday, January 19, 2008

my 15th,

was a blaaaaast.
i loved loved loved it.

i love my friends to death.
i love my birthday.
i love my mum cause she spoiled me.
i love the world, now.

OK, so,
the day started with me being awaken at like 6.45 by the constant text messages that were sent by 12 but y'knw la motorola.
they keep sounding the 'beep' as a reminder to check miscalls or messages that we haven't read.
annoying -.-


woke up at like 8.30
bathe and came downstairs and was greeted by hugs and kisses by family.
aww (:

so then like 20 minutes later, went out with Mum for my birthday presents.
had a good bonding session with her.
and i know how she dislikes going to far places but she made an exception today.
i love her to death.

so as presents, Marc Jacobs necklace, LV bag and a top frm Topshop as a party top for tonight.

had lunch there.

then, we went back, after some stops at Star Enterprise for Tania's birthday party.
Yeah, she had a party in the afternoon.

came back, had nothing to do.
lazed on my bed, read a book.
was on the verge of sleeping but a knock on the door woke me up.
Amelia and Myra was there, with a parcel in hand.
Ofcourse, i got all giddy.
i looooooove presents.
changed a bit, came down.
opened my present from Amelia and Myra and like, ohmygod.
An Anna Sui parfum set.
i was shrieking.
i love love love it.
i love love love THEM.
haha, muah.

then, layan tania's friends for a bit.
did some stuffs for the party as i was feeling nice and good.
helped with their games which was kinda fun.
by 5, mama asked me to mandi and i did.
went to the hair salon nearby and did my hair.
curled it a bit.
but like, bapak siot, the man who did my hair was a freakin' murderer.
he rolled my hair up to blowdry but it got stuck all the time so he had to carefully took my hair and distangle em.
i pray and hope the pain that i felt, doesn't happen to you.
it was THAT bad.

was raining by the time i was done.
and i was late.
so, i called nikki and asked her to go and sit down before they let the table go.

came home, changed, applied makeup, and off we go.
pure torture when we were going in the car.
rain was falling like cats and dogs.
so heavy, my skirt, shoes, were all wet.
but wasnn't about to let that made me upset.
reached there, and Nikki, Karen, JeiSee and Ashley were there.
Sorry wei.
HAHAHAHAHAA, i really am.
i was FASHIONABLY late.

ordered some stuffs and the guys came.
Hakim, Johann and Illyas.
Then, Sarah.
Then the rests started to come.
Juju, Suraya and Yusrina got me the helium balloon and cupcakes (:
so sweet of them.
so blablablah, had fun, laughed like hell, ate, drank, took pictures.

then it was time for the cake.
so fun.
Sarah and I had to go up the chairs and with microphones (ketchup bottles) in hand, they asked us to sing a song.
Decided on 'I love rock and roll'
ajak-ed everyone to sing.
Then, the staff had their routine singing which was loads of fun.
The stomping and all.
Then they put the birthday cake on the table like away from us and we had to blow the candles off from where we were.
penat laaa.
and i got a headache from all the blowing.
managed to blow all of them out.
but not at once, ofcouse.
like, 100s of times.

then, one by one went back.
took a picture with them before they left.
then, it was Sarah, Illyas, Johann, Hakim, Juju, Suraya and me left.
Took alot of pictures and sembang-ed.
ate cake.
then before the guys had to go back, we took pictures with them.
lawak lawak.
OH OH, Hakim actually got 10 bucks from Juju, i think for wearing eyeliner.
Applied by Juju, Sarah and Illyas.
HAHA, lawaaaaaak.

then, before we went back, we 4 girls took pictures outside, infront of the fountain.
pictures will be up after i get the laptop back.
or maybe tomorrow.

had a great time.
best birthday so far (:


p/s: Thanks to everyone who gave me splendid presents.
I love them allllllllll, like omg, i do.

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