Sunday, June 27, 2010

See, now, if I had this kinda place to study, I would be LOOKING FORWARD to study time every single day. You don't even have to tell me to study, I'd be in my room HAPPILY studying.

:((((((( It's very very pretty isn't it ? So dreamy.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Yesterday was ace ! I forgot how much I enjoy dancing even if I have 2 left feet.

I'm too lazy to blog about it but yeah, thanks a lot Amy Sofea for the enjoyable night ! I can't remember the last time I've had good fun dancing horribly to Gaga.

I'm at home and it's a Sunday. Sounds about right. School's tomorrow. I'm dreading it. A part me wants to finish school as fast as as possible but the other half, probably the more dominant one, wants to still be a high school student. I can never understand how people can associate high school to becoming their dark era. My mum says high school is nothing compared to the university years later on. I can't imagine.

Anyone who knows me should know that I have always wanted to spend a couple years studying abroad like how my parents did. I know it's a bit hopeful because scholarships are crazy these days and you basically have to be an offspring to Einstein to get offered abroad. But damn it, I want it so much.
But don't get me wrong, Malaysian universities are probably really good but I'm not after that. I'm after the experience. To be in a different continent. To meet new people. Though I don't think I can survive a week without rice and lauk haha :( I hope things pull through for me. Nobody really knows how much I want this other than myself.

So that's what I'll do. I'll swear off Facebook until I get things steady. I don't want to have to regret in the end and let the chance to really do well slip away. It's only 5 more months, that's still a whole lot of time to improve right ? RIGHT ?!?!?! Right.

You can do anything if you put your mind to it. I've heard that saying so many times, it's about time I apply it to myself.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Singapura !

I love holidays.

I just got back from Singapore last night. My foot are sore and I walk funny. I miss my bed like crazy so I'm planning to spend my day on my bed hahahahahaha

Sunday June 13th

Had to wake up at an ungodly hour of 5 because our flight was at 9 am. But I prefer morning flights. I'm contradicting myself, whuuuut. The flight was 40 minutes long and it was ok despite uptight stewardesses. I had to shut my eyes tight and listen to my iPod and sing to keep my mind off the fact that we're flying. I hate flying like nothing else. I hate it. PENING. Even if it is a short distance flight. Long or short, I just don't like flying. I actually get nervous upon boarding. Like, serious heart palpitations. Hahaha so over.

Reached our hotel which is on Scotts Rd which is gila near to Orchard Rd which is gila fortunate for us. I didn't have to kill my legs THAT much. Since we arrived early, we had to wait a bit for our hotel room to be ready. Which was hours later. We had the lounge upstairs all to ourselves though. Checked in and after like a 10 minute rest, we went out. Masuk Tangs dah beli a bag. It's love ! But that was pretty much it. Wanted to buy them 'Urbanears' headphones but macam ntah. And we walked and walked. Big mistake though going on a Sunday. BAPAK BANYAK GILA BABI ORANG SIAL, sesak nak mampus can die like wtpuckermann. It's the maids day off so expect a lot and a lot of Filipinos on the streets. Banyak gila ah, I didn't quite like it sebab everywhere sesak nak mampus tak boleh nak jalan straight. Pergi Cotton On macam no big deal dah sebab kat sini bersepah. BUT I DID MANAGE TO FIND SEPHORA !!!!!! It's this huge make up store back in the States and I was like holy shit yes !! So rambang mata ! And ada Urban Decay ! But sumpah mahal so I got Sephora products instead. A bronzer and an eyeliner from Urban Decay. Too cool. Vowed to go there again haha taksub !
Things from Singapore sound much cheaper. But then you have to mentally calculate to multiply it by 2.2 so yeah it works out the same so I didn't see anything special. It's the same in KL, I swear. We went to KFC after that for late lunch. HOHO, they have this Ultimate Value Meal or something like that, sumpah best, it comes in a set of a mushroom burger (!!!!! Y'all must know how much I love mushrooms. It's a Nadia Fact #675) and a piece of chicken AND mash potatoes and a drink. WTF MY DREAM CAME TRUE !!!! Like everytime I'm in KFC, I'll be torn between having chicken or a burger but at the same time you want both but you know you won't finish and stuff BUT THIS ONE OMG AWESOME DAH LAH MUSHROOM BURGER. KFC ULTIMATE VALUE MEAL FROM SINGAPORE, FTW.

Went back and slept hahahaha didn't shop much on that day. Nothing caught my eye. Except for Sephora and KFC hahaha. And dude, seriously, the Singaporeans shop designer like shopping for grocery. Ate something bungkus-ed from I don't know where because the room service was something ridiculous like 3o bucks for nasi lemak -.- that's like a MYR60 for a nasi lemak. How good can a nasi lemak be anyway ?

Monday June 14th

While everyone optFont sizeed for Bugis Street, I stayed in. Took my time to get ready and went out alone. I love being independent, makes me feel grown up hahah. Went to Zara first and all I bought was a cardigan. 2 storeys but still the same as what we could find here. :( Went to ION Mall on the opposite side and walked around aimlessly. Got hold of Topshop. HEHE. The sales assistant in Singapore are so attentive ! Like, they're the nicest people. And most of them are Filipinos. Malaysians should learn. -.- Here, when I come out of the fitting room and end up not getting anything, the sales assistant (mostly lah, not all) would be like 'Ok' after I tell them 'Sorry, no thanks'. Only a handful would be 'How was it?' which then I would lie 'It's too big for me'. But dekat Singapore tu, the Filipinos are like 'Would you like to try out any bottoms with that, ma'am?' and I would say 'Oh, it's okay, no thanks.' and when I come out of the fitting room, handing them back the garment I was trying out on, I'll be 'Sorry, no thanks.' and they'll be 'Oh it's absolutely alright, please feel free to look around for some more, yeah!'


Sorry, a bit jakun because like seriously, they're damn nice lah. Here they don't give two hoots. Oh well. So yeah, because they were nice, I ended up getting something just cause hahahaha. It was on sale lah bro. Might as well.

I also found a big ass Sephora which got me squealing ! And I got a few things HEHEHE I love Sephora. The girl (also another attentive sales assistant baik gila k please) told me they'll be opening one in KL which I am beyond stoked for. And I met my mum at a stationary store which I unnecessarily bought a weekly planner -.- but it was cute so what the hell.
Went to grab something for lunch and the only halal place was Subway. Even the Chillis kat situ pun tak halal. :'( Heartbreak.

Went to Clarke Quay for dinner. Pretty pretty place. Had seafood. SO SEDAP :"((((((( I want it again.

Tuesday June 15th

Checked out and headed for Universal Studios. We stayed at the Festive Hotel and check in time was at 3 so we walked to the theme park first. AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE SHITZ.
First, it was Hollywood which we saw Po the Panda and took a picture with him. And then there was Frankenstein tapi takut nak ambik gambar with him so I didn't hahahahahaha. So cool k, rasa macam nak beli semua benda and take pictures of everything. Settled down at Mel's Diner for lunch. OM NOM NOM

Walked around. It was Madagascar next and we went on a mini roller coaster. Dragged Tania with me and it so freaking hilarious. She couldn't even scream, she was that terrified. The roller coaster left her scarred for life hahahahahahahahahaha lawak nak mampus.
There are pictures !

And we went to Jurassic Park. Mama got us Universal Express tickets which pretty much means you potong line. Kalau tak, kena tunggu satu jam wtf waste of time ! So Zaim and Iman and I went on it with rain coats hehehe it was so awesomeeeeeeee. Tapi macam takut lah at one point, grabbing Iman in the process.

Thennnnnnnn we went to the Water World show which was ace !!!! Dude, seriously, damn fun. Even if I did explain, I don't think a whole lot of you (what 'whole lot' ?!?!) would understand unless you've been there. So yeah hahaha but super awesome show. And my mum, Zaim and Iman went to The Mummy ride which I chickened out from and waited outside with Tania and my dad taking photos of every corner -.- DAHLAH PANAS GILA kat tempat Egypt tu je lah. Haha.

After Egypt was sci-fi which offered nothing much because the Battlestar Galactica wasn't open for the public just yet so yeah, agak kosong. My dad, Zaim and Iman went on the pusing pusing teacups thing but it wasn't teacups lah. Haha faham ke ha ?

And then it was New Yooooooooooork ! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can doooo ~
Sorry, I had to. Too tempting not to break into a song. ANYHOO, New York was (Y) That's probably the closest I'll be into actually BEING in New York. OH AND ADA MARILYN MONROE TAU TAK SO TANIA AND I TOOK A PICTURE WITH HERE BUT IT'S NOT IN THE CAMERA BABI BOLEH MENANGIS !!!!! :'(((
Ah well. We went into the special effects place where they displayed how it would be like after the director cues 'Action!' gila bapak best even if it was for like 2 minutes. Explosion here and there and a huge ass ship comes out. WTF so coooooooool.

Bought stuffs later hehehe

Universal Studios closes at 7 so it was all a bit rushed. Would have liked to go there earlier and spend the whole day, from start to finish. Oh and if you do decide to go, get your tickets online like how my mum did because when we got there, tickets were sold out. Gila kesian tak kalau you went all the way there only to not get in ? That'll suck big time.

Went out for dinner but settled on a kopitiam place. Oh our room was cool, we had a bunk bed and a sofa bed so the whole family could fit. But they had no room service was was WTFNO ! Haha. Gila emosi.

Wednesday June 16th

Left at 12 + and headed for Changi even if the flight was at 730 :@ My parents wanted to hang at Changi tapi the gates were only opened at 430 so we basically walked around aimlessly for 6 + hours. Went to Terminal 3 which was the international flights and settled for teppenyaki for lunch. WHICH WAS SO DELICIOUSO. Damn, dah taksub dah with teppenyaki. YUM.

And we went home boo hoo :'(

I love holidays but even if I do go the best places in the world, I always look forward to coming back home. Hotel beds are nothing compared to my own at home :')

Pictures later.


P/S : This was a draft so yeah.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm a lazy ass. Lazy is my middle name. I'm the laziest girl. So I'm just going to put this all in point form.

  • Had a Chemistry class in the morning. Yawn. I still love you, Mr Nathan.
  • Went to OU after that, changing in the car. And had a manicure. My nails are now in a shade of deep purple. I shall opt for a brighter colour next time I go. Gila rambang mata k nak pilih colour apa. But so fun. Even if I had to spend my time there making lame small talk with the manicurist and watching some Chinese game show.
  • Dina was the first to arrive so I sat with her and had girl talk :')
  • Everybody arrived later -.- Much later.
  • Had New York Deli. I had pulut kuning at Mark's Assam Laksa (which btw rocks my entire universe now) so I was full-ish by the time I was at New York Deli but I seriously was too tempted to think so I ordered my ultra favourite aglio olio. And I finished it. WTPUCKERMANN. Oh well. It was freaking delicious. So I didn't really give a damn.
  • Went to watch The A-Team which was ace !!!!!!!!!!! So good. Seriously good. I've always had this thing for action movies with explosions and cool guns. I love it when plans come together. (<- Something you'd know if you've watched the movie)
  • Met up with Najihah and Suraya. Suraya had to go back with Juju so that was like 20 minutes with her haha :( Settled at Subway.
  • Went back. But only after taking photos ha ha standard procedure lah bro.
  • The Ship for dinner. Mushroom soup was my dinner because I was too bloated to even think about eating anything solid.
Just finished watching Glee's finale. :(((((((( Sue Sylvester has a heart :')

I'm tired now ciao cincau

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Last night was well spent, girls.

So, first, went to Curve to meet up with Jan. I was there first so I ate at Starbucks, chic o' cheese OM NOM NOM. Went up to Cineleisure to meet up with Jan and we hung out at Juiceworks. She reckons I'm so ketinggalan for being a first timer at Juiceworks. I reckon she's food deprived because she hasn't eaten Ikea meatballs. Hehe. Kita sama, Jan.

And thennnn Suraya came and we watched The Killers. Dude, seriously, the guys beside me were so ecstatic and went overboard. Like, the scene wasn't even THAT funny and he was laughing uproariously. Macam 'OOOOOOKAY'. It was an ok ok movie. I was never a big fan of romantic comedies.

Then, we went for grocery shopping at Cold Storage and bought some food and snacks for the night. Chips and biscuits and more junk and food. Met up with Juju and Kyrina but we had to go back so we headed for Curve. Bought dougnuts before heading home. Ate dinner first before leaving for Jan's.

Settled around with the food at the centre. And talked and talked and talked. BEST. Now, I know everyone and everybody's stories HOHOHO. Stories that are only going to be kept between us and the 4 walls. Ate so much ! Serious, we opened everything and ate everything. Macam an unstoppable force. Hahahahaha. Even though we were so stuffed, we would still continue eating like pigs. Did the compulsory photo taking session on the webcam as well as singing shamelessly to Baby. Hahahaha. Then, we decided to play I Never which was hilariousssssssssssssss. Sampai terbatuk batuk minum air k ! Hahahahaha. So many secrets, so little time :')
We were bloated with water and snacks. 6 full bottles k ! Macam dah gain 2 pounds.

Nasib baik the next morning, we were up and awake for some swimming. Walked to the clubhouse and dove in. Dah lama tak swim ! :( Went back for breakfast. The meeeeeeeeeeeeee was so sedap, had 2 plates full. I'm a legit pig.

I'm full thinking about all the food we ate at Jan's o_____o

So much fun though, should do this more often :')

Friday, June 4, 2010


I want pretty shoes like that.


i. I'm too lazy to go out and go shoe hunting.
ii. Most of the shoes are way over my (mum's) budget.

What I Will Do This Coming Holiday

i. Get some studying done everyday. Let it be 4 chapters or a page. EVERYDAY.
ii. Shop. And get pretty shoes. I'm determined !
iv. Adjust myself to a normal (and HUMAN) sleeping routine.

That's all I can come up with. Most boring list ever..

..made by the most boring person ever.

v. Become interesting.