Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm a lazy ass. Lazy is my middle name. I'm the laziest girl. So I'm just going to put this all in point form.

  • Had a Chemistry class in the morning. Yawn. I still love you, Mr Nathan.
  • Went to OU after that, changing in the car. And had a manicure. My nails are now in a shade of deep purple. I shall opt for a brighter colour next time I go. Gila rambang mata k nak pilih colour apa. But so fun. Even if I had to spend my time there making lame small talk with the manicurist and watching some Chinese game show.
  • Dina was the first to arrive so I sat with her and had girl talk :')
  • Everybody arrived later -.- Much later.
  • Had New York Deli. I had pulut kuning at Mark's Assam Laksa (which btw rocks my entire universe now) so I was full-ish by the time I was at New York Deli but I seriously was too tempted to think so I ordered my ultra favourite aglio olio. And I finished it. WTPUCKERMANN. Oh well. It was freaking delicious. So I didn't really give a damn.
  • Went to watch The A-Team which was ace !!!!!!!!!!! So good. Seriously good. I've always had this thing for action movies with explosions and cool guns. I love it when plans come together. (<- Something you'd know if you've watched the movie)
  • Met up with Najihah and Suraya. Suraya had to go back with Juju so that was like 20 minutes with her haha :( Settled at Subway.
  • Went back. But only after taking photos ha ha standard procedure lah bro.
  • The Ship for dinner. Mushroom soup was my dinner because I was too bloated to even think about eating anything solid.
Just finished watching Glee's finale. :(((((((( Sue Sylvester has a heart :')

I'm tired now ciao cincau

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