Wednesday, March 31, 2010


K, then how does one become 'passionately curious' ? Hmmmmmmmm

So hi.
My diagnostic can be blamed for my non updates. And I have nothing to update pun. So bosan lah k ! :( April is nearing in (T minus 3 hours and 25 minutes) and I feel like I haven't done anything pun ! Scary. But I keep telling 'ALA SPM LAMA LAGI' so that I won't get freaked when yes, I do know in fact that I am freaked that SPM is this year !!!

I have so many plans after SPM and I can't wait for it to finish but at the same time, nak SPM lamaaaa lagi so I can get my act together and do it well. But ho hum. I have Chemistry and Biology III tomorrow and instead of reading up on experiments, I'm here. My priorities are as messed up as Tiger Woods.

I've been gila ultra lazy. I'm even lazy to go out which is quite bizarre. I don't usually turn down an outing (though I did go to KLCC last weekend). But I rather stay in my room. Which is slowly morphing into a dump. The books have not only conquered the study table, but it has now moved onto my bed and bedside table. K actually tak lah, my bedside table got a lot of magazines hahahaha. My bed lah basically. But I'm too lazy to clean up ! My masalah is timbun-ing.

Wha- ?

I'm done with my Tasawwur, BM, English, Maths, Agama and Biology Paper I and II. Which is 12 papers down.
Which leaves 11 more. Ick.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


My mother turns 42 today ! She'd kill me if she knew I told how old she's now but I don't know why. ANYWAY

I'm very close with my mum, she'd tell me things and I'd tell her my share of stuff. One of the pros about the fact that she's a teacher in my school (ok, well.. used to) is that she knows the guys I'm talking about. Hahahahaha. And we like to eat pavlova tahap maksimum ! I've inherited her curls and love for books and Grey's Anatomy HEHE. She'd still tell me stories about her university years and I love it when she talks about her experience there because it just makes me want it more.

She makes the world look prettier. I'm a glass half empty girl, and my mum takes in 'glass half full !' as a personal motto. She makes everything look easy, it's a wonder how she manages to make everything simple. She's the type of lady who comes into a room and you know she's there because of her laugh and well, my mum is kinda loud so she laughs like the huge laugh. I remember when we were little, she would ALWAYS correct our grammar, any time of day. Now, I correct my youngest sister. My mum would always tell us to wash our feet before jumping on her bed and that's stuck too. I can't get into bed if I haven't washed my feet. It has become a habit ! My mother brought us up to be independent even at a young age and I'm glad she did. Superwoman would be an understatement to describe my mum. I don't think she knows but everyone around her loves her and would do anything for her because of her generosity and kindness of heart. She's amazing lah, I don't know how else to say it. She's like one of the few people who still smiles and say Good Morning to random strangers. And she's my favourite person in this whole wide world and forever will be.

Basically, my mum is awesome possum and I love love love love love her forever and ever and ever :) God bless her for being the best mother to us ♥

Happy 42nd Birthday !


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Remeo & Jluiet

My diagnostic exams have started !

So far, I've done my tasawwur and our BM was today. Fooh. My BM the bomb lah. I made a smart move by doing my karangan berpandu first instead of the pilihan one. Enough said, I was chasing time and by the time we had to send in our paper, I was still short of 1 and a half perenggan. Say whuuuuurt. So I crapped on my second essay, I think even terpesong like shit. Ah wtf CRY AND DIE.

Tomorrow is English and I don't know where to start. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm so stoked though that this Friday we can skip school because it's a Science paper.

And I think I'll be taking my add maths again but I'm going to go all out then. Haih. Fickle minded.


Thursday, March 18, 2010



I've been going out a lot these past few days. I feel bad for not staying at home to study but it's basically impossible. Maybe I should be technology stripped...

.. k no.
  • Diagnostic is next week.
  • My sister turns 11 this Saturday. Yay Iman ! xoxoxox
  • She wants a Nerf Gun (?) At 11, I wanted everything Barbie.
  • My granddad will be 71 on Tuesday. I love my Pak Tok :')
  • Mama turns 42 next Thursday !! :)
  • Zara haz nice shoes and bags now. Bags lah especially. Rambang mata.
K nothing now blank otak k bye

Monday, March 15, 2010


Why aren't adults understanding ?

  • Who has that 'I haven't seen you studying, Nadia.' 'I have!' 'When?' 'Tadi, I just finished' 'Tak nampak pun pegang buku' moments ? Takkan I want to study in front of you. Takkan I want to make it my sole mission to come find you and sit in front of you and THEN baru bukak buku ? I thought that was what my room is for ?
  • And apparently, maths questions kan, 'If you do one question, and understand it properly, semua senang je!'. Ha-ha. Try doing it kthxbye.
  • 'Asyik keluar je, belajar tak!' This one frustrates me. I do go to tuition kan, I do go to school kan, I do study in my room kan. This ONE time I want to go out with my friends, it's like I've abandoned my studies.
You were 17 once, weren't you ? I bet it was never as hard as how 17 year olds have to go through these days. So let me breathe.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh lupa..


We got some huge shoes to fill now k !

You're making me happy these days, boy.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well, today.

SPM results finally were out. Damn, I'm so happy for those who got fantastic results, by fantastic I mean ada A+ k hahaha. I like the '09 batch so I'm pleased that they got what they deserved ! :') Insaf terus k, balik balik rumah, BELAJAR BIO hahahahahaha. Even had a book with me which I actually read during commercial breaks while watching Idol. Damn semangat.

Holidays are next week, YESSSSSSS LAH. I'm going to utilize it and study for the diagnostic.

K tak tahu what else to say now, Hafiz ah suruh update. I GOT NOTHING TO BLOG, HOW ? BYE ! x

Sunday, March 7, 2010


You would think I would have a nice weekend.

I guess in a way, it WAS nice. I stayed in and did nothing but simultaneously completing Sudoku puzzles and watching Private Practice. And eating. I was hoping for a more fun one though but whatever, at least I caught up on sleep.

I had late breakfast and late lunch and so therefore, no dinner. The Kitkat I had made me dizzy. Could it be expired ? MALAS AH NAK CHECK.

I feel bad for not attending my aural tomorrow. Because of the whole transportation problem. I was looking forward to get it done and over with. Sigh sigh sigh

So no, seriously, all I did for the first half of my day was a phone call, breakfast, and went back into bed. I'm gross on the weekends.

I might as well do in point form since every isi is like 2 lines -.- K i don't care. I feel bad for not studying. I'll start next week EVEN IF IT KILLS ME. K tak lah.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I WANT TO WATCH NINE ! As well as Alice In Wonderland. It was and still is one of my favourite Disney movies so I'm looking forward to see Tim Burton's spin on it.

I've been sleeping a lot. Like, I can sleep back to back. Which is sorta gross. HEH. Skipped school today. And ho hum, boring day at home. I finally ate my favouritest nasi lemak eversss after so long not eating it. A good way to start the day among other things.

A week long holiday is on its way and I'm adamant to use it up for studying seeing how Diagnostic is sometime after that. Babi teruk k my intervensi marks. :(


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm semi obsessed with Kim Noorda. She's a beauty.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Apa ni, semua orang ? Can take a chill pill or not ? Can kan ? SO TAKE LAH !

I've dropped Add Maths officially. I feel like the huge weight lifted off my shoulder. I went to Puan Ooi and said 'Teacher, I need to talk to you' in which she took a seat HAHA and then I broke the news 'I don't mean to offend you in anyway but I think I'm going to drop add maths' and she (surprisingly) said 'Don't worry, you go ahead. Don't feel bad about me. Whatever's best for you, you go ahead. If you can't cope, then don't bother and concentrate on the ones you can score. Don't feel bad about me, Nadia' DALAM TONE YANG MACAM BAIK GILA MACAM ALAMAK KESIANNYA I FEEL SO BAD NOW !! And then bila nak keluar staff room tu, I said to her 'You sure it's okay?' then she actually stood up and said 'Haiyaaa Nadia, it's alright! Really, it's fine!' and she hugged me tau takkkkkk ! Hahahahahaha macam so tiba tiba tapi macam ala baiknya, nak ambik lah add maths balik sebab Puan Ooi baik sangat ! :')

Hahahahahahaha so that was it. People, I should know what I'm capable of doing and what I'm not capable of doing so please don't go around saying I shouldn't drop add maths and doubting my decision because it IS my decision and I know in my gut and soul that the most I can get for add maths won't reach 50 -.- Kira kalau dapat 30-40 pun macam bagus gila and I shouldn't be saying that kan. Ni bukan PMR, ni SPM SIAAAAAAL. Gila ke nak settle for Cs and Ds ? So yeah, don't give me that look !

Ok nak belajar Physics now now nowww k bye

Monday, March 1, 2010


School was boring. I'm thinking and I think I really want to do this ; drop Additional Maths. It's been a year and I'm still as clueless as can be. It's crazy stressing and I have Biology, Physics and Chemistry to thank that for, another subject dedicated to maths only BITCH HARDER. I'm not a maths person so I mean, I'm struggling so don't go and look at me like that. Yeay that look like you're saying 'WHAAAAAAT? ADD MATHS KUT ! PENTING GILA KUT !' yeah, memang ah penting if you want to have it as a solid foundation to whatever you want to do as a career. I don't plan on taking anything maths related. As in, maths biasa tambah tolak tu mesti ah, tapi WTF SHOULD I LEARN ALL THE GRAPHS FORRRRRR :'(

... And I just remembered I had homework to do and they're due tomorrow. HOLY MACAROLES