Thursday, March 25, 2010


My mother turns 42 today ! She'd kill me if she knew I told how old she's now but I don't know why. ANYWAY

I'm very close with my mum, she'd tell me things and I'd tell her my share of stuff. One of the pros about the fact that she's a teacher in my school (ok, well.. used to) is that she knows the guys I'm talking about. Hahahahaha. And we like to eat pavlova tahap maksimum ! I've inherited her curls and love for books and Grey's Anatomy HEHE. She'd still tell me stories about her university years and I love it when she talks about her experience there because it just makes me want it more.

She makes the world look prettier. I'm a glass half empty girl, and my mum takes in 'glass half full !' as a personal motto. She makes everything look easy, it's a wonder how she manages to make everything simple. She's the type of lady who comes into a room and you know she's there because of her laugh and well, my mum is kinda loud so she laughs like the huge laugh. I remember when we were little, she would ALWAYS correct our grammar, any time of day. Now, I correct my youngest sister. My mum would always tell us to wash our feet before jumping on her bed and that's stuck too. I can't get into bed if I haven't washed my feet. It has become a habit ! My mother brought us up to be independent even at a young age and I'm glad she did. Superwoman would be an understatement to describe my mum. I don't think she knows but everyone around her loves her and would do anything for her because of her generosity and kindness of heart. She's amazing lah, I don't know how else to say it. She's like one of the few people who still smiles and say Good Morning to random strangers. And she's my favourite person in this whole wide world and forever will be.

Basically, my mum is awesome possum and I love love love love love her forever and ever and ever :) God bless her for being the best mother to us ♥

Happy 42nd Birthday !


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