Sunday, March 7, 2010


You would think I would have a nice weekend.

I guess in a way, it WAS nice. I stayed in and did nothing but simultaneously completing Sudoku puzzles and watching Private Practice. And eating. I was hoping for a more fun one though but whatever, at least I caught up on sleep.

I had late breakfast and late lunch and so therefore, no dinner. The Kitkat I had made me dizzy. Could it be expired ? MALAS AH NAK CHECK.

I feel bad for not attending my aural tomorrow. Because of the whole transportation problem. I was looking forward to get it done and over with. Sigh sigh sigh

So no, seriously, all I did for the first half of my day was a phone call, breakfast, and went back into bed. I'm gross on the weekends.

I might as well do in point form since every isi is like 2 lines -.- K i don't care. I feel bad for not studying. I'll start next week EVEN IF IT KILLS ME. K tak lah.

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