Friday, December 30, 2011

of pink pants and tasseled shoes

Can I haz a new Prada for my 19th ? :D

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Resolution for '12

We're closing on to the new year and so I decided to make a list of things I'd like to accomplish before I have to do a new one for 2013.

1. Go the extra mile in my studies.

"Everyday I'm studyin'" for at least an hour. Also, the 'extra mile' = RC after acad hours (this is quite the challenge gah!) every other day, Maths with Iman, History with Q, Eng Lit with Diyana and Economics with... well, Q again. Have the habit to go up to my teachers and ask questions personally after or during classes. Send in extra essays (what sucks in having 3 subjects centering around long draggy essays!!!!) and ask ways to be improved. Do I sound like a motivation book yet ? WELL I'M NOT DONE. AS is in May and before we go on any holiday, I want to be able to go knowing I did my very very very best in the examination hall. Going to kick ass in Math. Even if it's the last thing I freaking do.

3. Be a lot more friendlier. Being studious for the next 6 months doesn't mean I have to be a hermit in college.

4. Reply my mentions on Twitter because it's trés rude to have someone mentioning you and you completely ignore or feel too lazy to reply. The little things matter.

5. Try to come home less (hahahahaha).

6. Gym !!!!!!! Srsly, people.

That's pretty much it. Seems already too much to handle. Going out now for nasi daun pisang with my mum !

'Til then ! x

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kamek Kitak

If you're asking why the title, it's because I'm seriously obsessed with the Sarawakian dialect hahahaha thanks KYUEM for introducing me to friends from the East (right?) !
It's closing on midnight and I'm bored from reading the same sentence in Economics so I thought I'd blog for a bit.

I'm currently

1 Listening to real good guitar playing by Justin King. Got this off Facebook from Kashif. Thanks, man. It's hecka soothing and so lovely.

2 Youtubing Economics videos because I don't understand what I'm reading so I thought watching it would be more beneficial.

3 Going through my bad hair days. It's basically has been a bad hair MONTH. My fringe is in its very clumsy stage and won't stay put so I've resulted into this really ugly middle parting that makes me look partially bald. Meh.

4 Bored out of my mind. Been at home the whole of Saturday. Went out to the library and got some (very little) Math done and well. That was it. Turned down my mum's offer to go for a Turkish body scrub in Bangsar because I just don't get it. Like, why. Why would you want people to scrub for yourself. Freakish.

5 Singing to Earth, Wind & Fire while 'headbanging' (because I have this reindeer headpiece with little bells so I'm basically shaking my head to the beat of 'September') to annoy Iman who is now skyping with her friend. This just gave me an idea. I think proms and dances should include disco songs instead of Rihanna and Pitbull. K I just tweeted that.

6 Craving for roti jala. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

7 Downloading Blondie.

8 Happy Christmas is here. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Wish I got to celebrate it elsewhere though.

9 Missing my college mates ! Especially my chaletmates and Marissa, Amal, Sonu, Karishma, Kaynisha, Shubs, Ha, Fatin, Nanaaaaa, Q, Iman, MUUUUUN, Sam, Olan, Farhan, Kanda, Gami, Prem, Pash, and a whole lot more billions of people there.

10 Procrastinating like a freaking pro lah doh. I haven't even started on my Literature and/or History. DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Kbye people of the virtual world ! Have a great weekend :) x