Thursday, March 3, 2022

Suite 29th

I've just realised I've not blogged about my birthday party this year! I feel like there's just a lot of birthday content on this first front page but it's only cause I just had a lot of fun this year! So bear with it. Lepas ni, no more for 2022.

Ok! So for this year, I decided to get a suite to have my friends over for a birthday hang. We'd play games, borak and have dinner at the hotel. I ended up getting the Ritz for the night. Invited my best babes. Had a ball of a time. The room was so much bigger than what I had anticipated. It was a two-bedroom suite but they also had a whole kitchen (with oven, full fledged fridge, etc) and a study. So it was super spacious and it fit us really comfortably. That mattered most to me, I wanted everyone to feel like they could be there all night long! In the end, I had Marissa, Putri, Nana and Hanna stay over with me. Though I wouldn't have mind if more wanted to bunk in!

Ok, since it's been some time since the party, I'm going to blog via photos. I've got loads to share! 

Did a bit of a world tour before going to the hotel. I love driving as you might or might not know and I love myself some company while at it. Picked up Aina, my birthday cake, Nana and Putri before heading to Ritz. I've also just realised all three friends in the car come from completely different circle of friends! I love bringing my favourite people together.

There's a video somewhere in our phones of the room tour. It was just me going around enthusiastically.

Aina, Sarah and Marissa helped me put together the party packs. One of my favourite childhood memories was packing the party packs when I was a kid before every/any birthday parties we'd have at home. We'd have different stations and everyone was in charge of a sweet/gift to put in the bag. It was like a well-oiled production line and it was just always fun. So for all the parties I've done (and will do), I like doing the same! I had sweet treats, a face mask, scrunchie, hair clip, sticker, and socks if I can remember all correctly. I got them all via Shopee! Which was super easy and convenient. 

My first few guests! Including baby Adam Noah, Sarah's baby who also happens to be the cutest baby around.

Time for make-up! I basically forced Marissa to do my eye make up for me cause she's really really good at it and I love how she's so daring and bold with it. I'm not as adventurous but I loooove myself a good eyeshadow action.

I wanted dinner to be something fuss-free and can be shared all ways. So that's usually just down to pizzas! We ordered from Pizza Mansion which isn't too far away! I had also ordered in a few other things like brownies and lemon tarts. My absolute favourites and I had to share that with everyone else.

I'm not sure who asked for it but mid party, we decided to make a Tik Tok! Hahahaha our in-house specialist Sherry (in pink) seen here filming a scene. It was SO much fun and I loved seeing how sporting everyone was to join. It's somewhere on Tik Tok/Stories but I won't post it here haha soz!

Brought my old friend Avalon to the party. It was intense because you have to remember this was an all-girls party so there was a lot of screaming and swearing. All around great party game hahaha

My cake's from Tiny Baker, they're located in Kota Damansara. It was so good too! I first tried them out at Mun and Nana's NYE party. The one I ordered was a vanilla peach one. And it was well received by everyone so take it from them! 

Anis, Dibs and I. These two are cracking hilarious, there was no way I wouldn't invite them to my parties and all of any events to come.

One of the most notable people in my life that has had a lasting effect for me: Aina. What would I have been if I hadn't moved schools and became classmates with this sunshine of a person? Love you so much Aina, you're the inspiration.

Budak Sri D!!!! Hahahaha

Um wait scuse me, can we take a minute to appreciate this HANDMADE BAG FROM DIBA????? The flower print is so ridiculously good and like??? Is there seriously anything sweeter and more thoughtful??? No. I have brought this bag for travels already, it's just the best and I can't thank Diba enough for this. Cry.

I also LOVE THIS BAG SO MUCH. I came across it on Carousell and was immediately sold because the colour is divine and it's just so damn pretty. Aina asked what I wanted and I sent her the link. Tip: Carousell's a fantastic place to buy evening bags. So far I have 5 from there and they're all so beautiful.

Missing in action: Pana who was busy getting ready for her climb to Kinabalu.

My babe for life for ever for all of time.

Top: Mango, Pants: Topshop, Shoes: Charles & Keith, Birthday Tiara: Shopee.

Before heading to bed, Marissa and I Facetimed our favourite Scotsman Kanda. We love and miss him so much!! He's too busy being a bougie doctor in Glasgow for us but it was so sweet of him to give us a call. He's truly seen us at our best and at our lowest (also... ugliest). He was also very nice to buy us bougie breakfast the next day for all of us who stayed over! Hehe bagus ni ada kawan baik kaya raya earning in Euros.

My birthday presentsssssss!! This year I was practical enough to let people know straight up what I wanted! That pink glittery bag was a link I gave Aina, that eyeliner was what I asked from Diy, those pyjamas were what I wanted from Putri, Aina and Sher. The gold hoops I asked from Hanna are the only two gold hoops I wear these days. I loved all presents though!! I use them all the time, from candle to perfume to blusher to bags. Thank you everyone!!!! Sayang like mad, y'all.

Our VCR breakfast courtesy of one very sweet Dr Kanda.

All in all, this was probably my most favourite birthday yet! I love rounding up some of my favourite people from all parts of my life together celebrating my turning a year older. It always feels like a reunion. I love my guy friends, of course, but I find so much fun and comfort in having an all girls party. Everyone feels comfortable and we get to do whatever we want as much as we want however we want. And I'd like these girls to know that I'll always have them for all of my birthdays to come insyaAllah. I'm truly not the person I am today writing this post if not for the girls in this photo (and some other favourites who unfortunately could not make it). I looooove everyone and I already can't wait for the next party (mine or anyone else's hehe).

Ok dah, that's it. No more birthday posts for this year. Next year pulak.