Wednesday, January 2, 2019

My 2018 in Photos (by my iPhone)

My January

New Year spent with Marissa at Publika, with our 2018 headband filter.

My babes.

My bestfriend, Anis and I. We have been wanting to go to Dolly Dim Sum since our birthday in 2018... and it's now our birthday month in a brand new year and still no Dolly Dim Sum.

Tanners' birthday dinner at The Social on the 17th.

And for my birthday I asked for Muhibbah, it's one of my favouritest place to eat.

And a big fat dinner with some of my closest friends at Naj & Belle. Can't wait to do the same this year!


My February

Didn't take much photos in February but I did go to London for work. It was a pretty last minute trip and I really didn't I'd be in London. Was there for a week and although admittedly I was dreading the idea of having to travel to London, I immensely enjoyed it and it was just all that I really needed and wanted at the time. It was my first time back since graduating so I was just a touch bit emotional like the whole time I was there. Can't wait to go again. Don't know when but soon hopefully.


My March

We're still waiting for the full performer list for this year's Java Jazz Festival. I think maybe regardless, we'll still make a trip to Jakarta - loved it loads and didn't get to eat much ayam penyet and nasi padang when I was there.

Early birthday present for Mama was a ticket to watch Ola Bola. Cost me a bomb but worth every cent.

When Najihah was back from the States for like, a week. My high school girls.

March is also a month of birthdays for my favourite people - Iman, Pak Tok and Mama. In that order. I have a better snapshot of me hugging Iman with her actually reciprocating the hug but this was cute to not post. Iman will be turning 20 this year masyaAllah how quick we still think she's 12. When I mean 'we', I mean Mama and I. The rest of the family roll their eyes at my over affection for Iman.


My April

Literally have no other photos for the month of April. I do remember it being very busy with work because that was also when we started hustling for the Raya launch. But here's a cute pic of my cute friends and I after dinner. This was in front of KLCC though you can't see jack.


My May

Voted for the first time ever with my siblings! An experience I won't forget. But an inked finger (which lasted way too long) that I will.

My usual kids with Nabil the superstar at one of his plays.

At Jakel shopping for our Raya kain. This is my favourite thing to do - kain shopping. Quite tiring but v fun. Like a tradition now.

And this are the pages of our baju raya over the years. I love how old school this is. My tailor remembers my mum's name but refers to us (Tania and I) by the number of the page we're on hahah

A feast for berbuka! I miss Ramadhan. Sahur not so much.


My June

Started the month with a berbuka puasa at Muhibbah and celebrated my dear friend Sarah's birthday with a cake and all.

And my best friend foreverrrr was back for the summer before starting work in Glasgow. Miss you, Kanda.

One of the outtakes from a Raya shoot/campaign.

A late night mamak session with my cousin and Tania because they were both working at a booth (Misha just for a day but Tania for that whole month) at Publika. NH had a booth there also so I'd go quite frequently to check up on the booth and help out and to fetch Tania every night.

Last mamak session with Kanda before he flew back to Scotland. At Chidas (or Abadi if you ask Zaim), the only mamak place we ever go. So much so that the boys call the waiters by name already.

My favourite time of year - Raya.

All of us on opening day of The Incredibles 2.

Monopoly is *such* a long game.

And poker. Real spirit of Raya here.

At Hanna's open house.


My July

Kaveetha came back and organised a small get together with some of the KY kids. She texted me just the other day, "Hey, saw you that you've been listening to a lot of 'thank u, next' by Ariana Grande but like... you got ex meh?" hahahah what a 

Ahhh sweet memories of the World Cup. So began my interest (dare I say love?) (ok not there yet maybe) in football. So football didn't come home but it will soon! I have trust in the current and upcoming English players!

Tania graduated from university! And started working too. Always an admirer of her though we can't go a day without screaming at each other. With love, of course. Sometimes.


My August

Mama's cake for her farewell party. 

Game night at Bob's going strong! This was merdeka and I said MERDEKA COLOURS only but as usual, we half-assed it. No fireworks either! But great company.

Papa's birthday breakfast feast at home before work. 

Hahaha I feel like so many of my photos are us eating at Dolly Dim Sum.

My silly dad and I. Feel like he's softened so much over the years. Remember us being quite scared of him because he was quite strict when we were younger. He's always been pretty goofy but now it's all the time. He's turning 60 this year my god!!! Don't look a day above 45.

Also, my mum's colleagues at her old school gifted her with an oven and a mixer so for the first few weeks of getting it, she was baking something literally every day if not every other day. This was bread butter pudding for my dad. She's slowed down a bit but only because we were eating something baked all the time. Wanna try making apple tart soon!


My September

In our favourite colour.

Sigh. This was a dreamy night with the dreamiest singer.

The boys and I.


My October

My most wonderful grandmother celebrated her birthday in KL at Aunty Nat. Have you been? You should. It's great. I've pulled in some friends and they all love it.

Hot bestie turned 25. After dinner we went to have some jiving fun. The only time I stood up to dance was when they put on Sheila Majid's Sinaran. Ikr, totes wild.


My November

Got hospitalised for the first time ever. And it was a surprisingly pleasant experience. I mean, other than coughing my lungs out and not sleeping and in what feels like -10 cold. But great regardless!

Singapore for Khalid. Thanks Singapore but um see you when I really, really, really have to see you lah.


My December

My dear, dear friend Julian came back for the winter break and we all went out to have dinner with him. Haven't seen this group of people in so long so I proper missed them and it was a really good dinner at an Indian restaurant in Mont Kiara. Can't seem to remember the name now. We adjourned to Iman's place just opposite the restaurant for games and fun. I love games. Unnecessarily intense and silly but enjoyable just the same.

Love you lots, Jules!!!

Hafeez is married!!!!!! I love this boy, he made my high school years SO much fun and a lot of laughs were because of him. So happy he's now married to such a sweet girl. So funny that in my group of high school mates, most of the boys are hitched already! Geez. Wait for us innit?

And I've just blogged about my December so didn't want to be repetitive and put the same-ish photos. Anyway, that was my year. I'm sure a LOT more happened and it's all within the pages of my diary. Can't believe it's already 2019. I have some resolutions and I don't know how far that'll go but insyaAllah longer than half a year??

Hope you had an eventful 2018 and even if you didn't, y'know what, that's fine. You move at your own pace and you do your own thing on your own time. You take charge and decide what it is you want to do. No one can say anything about it. Take it slow, go on an adventure, eat your favourite food, dance when you feel like it, breathe in and out, spoil yourself, practice good habits, date, take a little risk here and there but always always always do it on your own time. This lifetime is entirely yours, you do what you want. I know I will.