Sunday, February 13, 2022

My Lunar New Year in Penang

I spent the whole of my Lunar New Year break in Penang. We flew there to escape the 9-11 hour holiday traffic. Penang's always known to be a go-to vacation spot so we're all too familiar with the traffic. One time, it took me eight (8) hours to reach home. Never. Again.

We spent a lot of the week indoors because as it goes, CNY in Penang is a lot like Christmas in the UK. Nothing's opened and you've gotta survive with what you've got. And when I mean 'survive', I mean plentiful of food and snacks at home by our favourite chef - Mak Tok. What about grandmothers and their cooking? She always says "Ala this is nothing much ya Nadia!! You want anything else?" with like 5 dishes and plentiful of fruits and brownies for desserts. I love her so much. 

Being in Penang really feels like a time out from everyone and everything. I also love going back because while everyone goes there for a proper holiday (beaches! nasi kandar! lining up for cendol! taking photos on armenian street! cafe hunting!), I'm there like it's my second home. So we take things pretty slow. We hardly go out to eat and personally I have NEVER gone out to line up for a local hot spot. We'd laze around, complain how hot it is, eat, take naps, go out for the occasional drive for a McD run or to buy groceries for the house, come home, eat, watch movies, sleep. It's the actual best. We're already looking forward to our next trip soon-ish insyaAllah.

I've put this on my Instagram but this is the tote bag Diba MADE for me for my birthday. Insane!!!! I love this print so much, it's so me, super colourful and flowery. Love it soooo much. It's actually made how much I love this bag. I was wearing a black knit top and a brown pair of pants so this bag really did not go with my outfit but I really didn't/don't care. Thanks Diba again for the millionth time, you're the actual best.

The only real shopping we do is at Sam's Batik House. They have these colourful tops that you might've seen me wear many times because it's also the comfiest thing I have in my closet. It's so light (I usually buy the chiffon ones) and airy and it's the perfect no-brainer top I have. Just wear it with a pair of jeans or a pair of white trousers and you're really good to go. I bought 3 tops this time and a jubah (not really jubah per se but something of the sort). My mum, sisters and I love going to Sam's because not only do they have great things but the customer service is unparalleled. Michael and Rachel are the owners and they'd always greet us with a "Hi sisters! Long time no see!". They also have the best employees who'd help us punggah completely just for us to see. Sometimes I'd feel bad but Michael would always reassure us that it's ok and this is the least they can do for us. I highly recommend! It's a great lepak baju!

We found this top at the counter but it's like 8 sizes too big for me but get this!!!!! They also have in-house tailoring services so if you find something that's slightly big or slightly small, they can do the alterations for you totally free and in a jif. This one cause they had to significantly size it down took a day and we picked it up the next morning. It's sooo beautiful, it 's probably my favourite of the day.

Hameediyah is just around the corner so we thought we'd try our luck to get some to bring home. But the line was unbearable so we just ordered it on Grab and it was just as good! That's probably my one and only tip for Penang trips; don't waste your time lining up for food. Unless you wanna do it for the experience then by all means but this island is hotttttt hot heat so I'd recommend you just tapau and eat at the hotel. So much easier and saves you bundle of time.

The light of my life.

These are Tania's buys from Sam's. Cotton single-toned tops. Loveeeee the colours so much.

It's seriously so hot in Penang, look at how brown the grass has gotten despite being watered always!

The yummiest.

Tania was sweet enough to think of buying a birthday cake for us (another excuse to celebrate!) to sing Happy Birthday with my grandparents. We haven't celebrated a birthday with them in so long, so we thought it'd be nice to do so.

I can always get teary talking about my grandparents. Because they have really played such a huge role in our lives since we were born and they have always been so generous to us masyaAllah. Leaving Penang and waving goodbye from the car always makes me sad because as we celebrate more and more birthdays and celebrating the transition into adulthood, they're also growing older and older. And it sucks that I don't get to seem them as often now that they don't come to KL anymore.

God, thank you for the blessings that take form in my grandparents. They're my biggest supporters and they love us unconditionally. What a thing to be grateful for. Alhamdulillah for them here still with us. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.