Friday, October 31, 2008

Count your stars,


It's 0110 hours and about 10 minutes ago, I was in my bed, listening to Fall Out Boy.
I couldn't sleep so I decided to get out of bed and do something to tire me.
So, here I am.
Ok, I feel like so empty. Like, I feel nothing. Nada. Zilch!
I don't have the energy to be angry. No energy to feel sad. No energy to feel happy. No energy to feel excited. No energy to feel guilty. NOTHING.

Something's wrong.

I don't even have the energy to think -_-
Post-PMR is no fun
OK, maybe it is but i actually can't wait for school to start again.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Millionth Of A Millisecond

Tahu lambat, tapi takpe.

Ila, Sarah, Suraya and Dina, my loves.

This is my mother, the one who STILL corrects my grammar (ever since we were born, she has been doing that ever since) and reimburses my money whenever I buy something on my own expense. The Queen of the Household. And in our hearts.

My grandfather, the one everyone in my family (and anyone who come across him) loves so dearly. He calls me his number one (me being his first grandchild) and so there is no doubt as to how much I love him

This is my family. Tania, my sister, is the one in turqoise. Iman, is the one in the dress (my mum had to pay her a 100 bucks to wear a dress. Or else, she's put on some jeans and top and gone off.). Zaim is the only boy, the funny man in the family. And that's my dad, Zainudin who makes the weirdest theories and jokes, and that's my mum who laughs at them.

Ok, done.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Finally called the language centre over at DU to enquire about the French classes.
Class is beginning soon (Nov 18th).
I'm happy.
Things are looking up.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keluar Lagi,

Ok, today.

Got a harsh awakening by my sister, Iman who barged in and told me to, quote unquote "Wake up cepat or else". Then my mum called despite only being a few meters away. I had no choice, really but to wake up. And I slept really late (like 0330 hours) so it was only logical that I was so sleepy and planned to get off my bed by at least 12.30 pm. Bathed, and did the usual routine of searching helplessly for outfits to be donned and grabbing the straightener (for necessary parts of hair in need of help). Finally, I was done after numerous honking from outside (courtesy of Mother) as a reminder (slash warning) for my sisters and I to hurry up. Fine, in the car we rushed.

We reached One Utama and I was hungry as I haven't eaten my breakfast. Mum suggested Delifrance but I went straight up to TGV where the boys promised to meet up. Once there, met Sanju, Hanif, Haris and Hafeez. Got myself some Milo from the McDonald kiosk to satisty my thirst (and hunger but who cares?). We walked and walked. Walked aimlessly. They wanted to watch a movie so bad so we checked out the showtimes for both cinemas, TGV and GSC. Settled for an 18PL movie in TGV but the girl in the counter insisted for identification. HAH, so called lenient staffs. Got tickets for High School Musical instead after much convincing from moi. After purchasing tickets, again, we walked aimlessly. We went to the arcade and got tokens and played Daytona. May I remind you again I was the only girl. Oh, the embarrassment. As obvious as how Perez is gay, I lost. Terribly. Hafeez said, throughout the game, all I did was 'pusing pusing'. Maybe so, but I enjoy changing the gears (like a pro which I am anything but). Twas enjoyable, nonetheless. Hafiz arrived with a tired-I-Just-Rolled-Out-Of-Bed look. Poor boy. Got lied by Hafeez who mentioned that the movie was for a 1215 show when in fact it was for a 130 pm show. We then went downstairs and played a round of foos. Though i supplied the tokens, I wasn't in the mood to play (read: lose) foosball so just watched instead. After that, a game of snooker was enjoyed by the boys, me being the outcast (I chose to be one as i miserably suck in snooker) again. Had lots of laughs with them, one so hard when as the game ended, they decided to foolishly goal the white ball using the sticks. I laughed so hard that I didn't realise that the ball went off and landed on my foot. Ouch. Amidst limping, we got hungry, so ate at Burger King. Since the movie starts at 130, we chilled first. Only by 130, the guys wanted to pray so Sanju and I went to TGV first. ONLY TO BE REALISED THAT, I (hehe) misread the ticket and the movie did not start at 130, but 30 minutes earlier. Joy.

After prayers, the boys returned and we went up. The 4 H's (Hafeez Hafiz Haris Hanif) went to sneak in a cinema, movie unknown. Taking the chances, they went in. Sanju and I still really really wanted to watched High School Musical so we pursued the original plan. I love High School Musical 3 ! I really do. Yes, truth be told, I was a bit skeptical at first since the sequel wasn't a personal favourite (I hated it). The dance moves are definitely something I would love to learn. After the movie ended, Sanju and I waited an extra half an hour for the boys to finish Bangkok Dangerous. Met Sarah, Aimi and Yusrina. They left to send off Yusrina. FINALLY, Hakim showed up. Walked to the second wing and we played (again) Daytona, and I joined him to play that shooting game (totally oblivious to the name of the game, as you can see) and lost against him. After that, played foosball (again), this time particularly, Hafiz called me out to witness an innocent scene of 4 young kids playing snooker. So young that the sticks were longer than them ! Was cute in how this one boy held the stick in such an awkward situation and chose to ignore (so wise) the giggles heard around them. Ah, to be carefree again, a dream of mine.

When Asar arrived, the 4 H's went to pray dutifully and so Sanju, Hakim and I went to MPH to wait for them. The boys got hold of the Magic Eight Ball and played around asking ridiculous questions (Is Hakim gay? question was the first asked). Looked around and chose this one book but decided to put it on hold. Again, met Sarah and Aimi. The 4 H's arrived and we were off to Chillies only to be delayed as the boys stopped to flip the Guinness Book Of World Records for a laugh. As usual, chaos. When we got to Chillies, we ordered. Boys being tight on budget, just got an order for a drink. Treated them to some nachos and buffalo wings. Laughing is always something I do when in the presence of the boys. Sarah and Aimi joined, and we met Wan. Najihah came about 30 minutes later. After paying an amount we never expected, up we went to bowl. Oh Gosh, a sport (!).

Wasn't sure if I wanted to play as I had no socks but after insistence by some of them, I said to myself, "Why not?". Had a great time, surprisingly. Loved it. With all the laughing going around and the occasional moments in where if one strikes would put on a show infront of us and echoed laughters were followed. ( OK now dah suka bowling HEHE ). One by one, everyone started to go home starting with Hafiz and Sanju. The obvious absence was noted. Hafeez then went home, leaving Hakim, Hanif and Haris. Najihah, Sarah and I separated with them and played a game of foos. HAH.

Went into MPH and bought that book that I chose earlier. Sister called telling me to wait downstairs. Hugged my sweeties and down I went. The end of my lovely but tiring day.

See, who said I was a girly girl? Amik kau

With love,


Happy Deepavali to fellow Indian friends !

So ok, today.
Woke up at 12.30, said my goodbye's to the grandparents, cousin and aunts as they left for home in Penang.
Didn't do anything up to 5.30 when i got dressed for Kaveetha's Deepavali celebration.
She pressured for traditional so I put on my red kebaya.
Out of the many who attended, only Kaveetha, Rachael, Nikki, Aidit and myself wore traditional clothes.
And from the 5, everyone except for Nikki wore red ! Awesome coincidence.

Pictures for pleasure !

Monday, October 27, 2008

Chasing you chasing her,

Watched Gossip Girl last night
I swear, it is getting better by the second.

Current needs as of late ;

1) A good book to occupy my spare time at home
2) A trip to Pavillion
3) Splurge on something real expensive
4) Bandung
5) Jonas Brother's album

I'm off to an open house, blog later ?


Sunday, October 26, 2008

It takes one to know one,

I feel like pouring my heart out. I shall do that.

Too often, I sniff the dust before I could set my eyes on the roses on the table.
Too often, I make way for other people before I even consider myself.
Too often, the object of my affections are no where near my grasp.
Too often, I pretend everythings alright when it's no where close.
Too often, I squirm at the possible sight of letting anyone down.
Too often, I hear people talking about me and I pretend I don't.
Too often, I shoot for the stars and get disappointed terribly.
Too often, I care what other people have to say about me.
Too often, I chase over something I know I won't have.
Too often, I'm convinced karma isn't a big fan of me.
Too often, I let my nerves get the best of me.
Too often, people overlook my capabilities.
Too often, I try too hard and yes, I know it.
Too often, I am subjected as an air head.
Too often, people disregard my feelings.
Too often, I let my thoughts deceive me.
Too often, no one even notices my way.
Too often, my emotions get mixed up.
Too often, I don't even believe myself.
Too often, I'm disliked for being nice.
Too often, I get bullied emotionally.
Too often, I desire the impossible.
Too often, I daydream too much.
Too often, I get underestimated.
Too often, I trust people easily.
Too often, I get pushed away.
Too often, I let myself down.
Too often, I lie to be liked.
Too often, I get jealous.
Too often, I give up.
Too often, I lose.

Just had to let that out. Feels great. For once, I made myself happy.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dah kenal dah cinta,

Keluar dengan Suraya hari ini. Sayang gila dia <3 Dahla comel, grr ! Hehe. Ok, jom bermula. (Saja nak berbahasa sebab Hafeez cakap saya terlalu biasa berbahas dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Tak tahu apa masalah dia. Takpelah)

Saya ke One Utama kerana sudah membuat temu janji dengan kawan karib saya, Nur Juliana Suraya. Walaupun terlambat 5 minit, kami sampai di panggung wayang tepat pada masanya kerana kita tidak perlu merana menonton iklan iklan yang tiada faedahnya, membosankan lagi membazir masa. Kita cukup teruja kerana High School Musical adalah antara 'guilty pleasures' kita walaupun malu mengakuinya. HEHE. Tanpa sebarang raguan, cerita tersebut memang antara cerita yang paling menarik yang ditayangkan pada tahun ini. Selepas menonton wayang tersebut, kita terserempak dengan rakan sebaya seperti Hafeez, Hafiz, Hanif, Haris, Anis, Sanju, Hanan dan Rashid (try saying the first 5 lads fast). Mula mula, kita sepatutnya makan di Chillies tetapi tidak jadi, entah mengapa. Jadi kita makan di Burger King dan saya memberi sumbangan kerana saya berasa murah hati tiba tiba. Banyak gelak tawa kedengaran kerana 8 jejaka yang banyak membuat lawak. Kita juga terserempak dengan Ila (me love), Izzati, Yasmin, Amy, Arina, Fatin, Hakim Shah Redza, Amirul, Dydy, dan Ashley. Suasana menjadi sungguh kecoh dengan gelagat mereka yang kelakar.

(This is taking me an awfully long time maaaaaan, i actually had to asked my Mum for some help in translating English words to Malay -_- The irony of it huh, what with my Mum being an English teacher)

Suraya terpaksa meninggalkan saya kerana teman lelakinya sudah sampai dan saya pun meneruskan agenda (?) saya dan mengikut para lelaki ke uBowl. Sepatutnya, kita menonton Eagle Eye tetapi kerana masa tidak mengizinkan, kita memilih untuk bermain foosball dan pool. Saya telah sedar betapa teruknya saya dalam permainan foos apabila bermain dengan lelaki ): Saya memerlukan Najihah (HAHAHA). Selepas beberapa pusingan dimana saya dikalahkan teruk (taklah teruk mana kerana adanya Hafiz yang banyak menolong), kita memilih untuk bermain pool. Saya LANGSUNG tidak tahu cara bermain dan walaupun dengan pertolongan kawan, saya diharamkan bermain kerana cara saya bermain menjatuhkan maruah. Pertama kali bermain, buktinya betapa babi saya bermain pool. Langsung tak kena bola putih itu. Saya gelak sampai sakit perut dan lama-kelamaan, kawan kawan saya pun ikut gelak ketawa kuat. Memang sayang tak terhingga (';

Dalam pertengahan permainan, ada lelaki (yang bodoh macam sial, dahlah botak, pendek, indon bangang) yang mengajak saya bermain dengan dia dan kawan (yang sama bodoh) kawannya, saya mula takut dah kawan kawan saya yang bersifat baik hati dan bersimpati, berkata bahawa mereka ingin keluar dari tempat itu kerana MEREKA TELAH PUN BERJANJI DENGAN SURAYA YANG MEREKA AKAN MENJAGA SAYA. Selepas sahaja meninggalkan tempat itu, mereka dengan selambanya (haha, mampuslah) mencarut kerana mereka pun telah diancam oleh lelaki yang tidak bermoral sebentar tadi. Hafeez, terutamanya. Tidak habis habis mengutuk. Bak kata Hafiz, 'Lek ah. Nadia ni pun yang dia ajak main pun chilling dah, kau ni over ah. Dia tak cakap apa pun kat kau'
Hahaha, alahai, baiknya.

Kami berjalan tanpa arah tujuan. Saya melihat Lish (Shh yeah). Hehe. Kita pun duduk di bangku yang sedia ada, dan merancang ke mana lagi kita patut pergi. Anis mencadangkan kita ke tempat Halloween yang ada di Second Wing. Apabila di situ, Hafeez, Anis dan saya membeli gula gula di Famous Amos (!) dan dengan suka hati memakannya. (HAHA, language hancur).

Saya memanggil ibu untuk mengambil saya di Polo Ralph Lauren dan saya mengheret mereka berempat untuk menemani saya.
Ibu sampai dan saya pulang.

HAHAHA, what the f. I suck in BM. Anyway, thanks a mil to Hafeez Hafiz Anis and Rashid (though i don't know you that well) for accompanying me throughout. <3

Overall, a good day. A very, Very, VERY good day. Enjoyed myself.

Love you Suraya sweetie <3
Keluar lagi okay ? Kisses.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Somewhere a clock is ticking


I went to school today. Admittedly, I have missed it a lot. I miss learning, as ridiculous as that may sound. We returned our borrowed text books courtesy of the Ministry (thank you :D) and that was about it. That was the whole agenda. Time passed sooooooo slow. Luckily, Ila bought her Uno cards and we played Speed (I'm getting so rusty) and it went on the whole day. I lost multiple times. I SWEAR I HAVE TO PLAY STANDING UP. They played while sitting on their ass. I can't do that. AAAAANYWAY

Twas fun, nonetheless. Talked with Rachael (Looi? We never know), Kaveetha, Nikster, Ashley and Aidit concerning a reaaaaaally interesting subject that I now, taken a huge interest in (hahahahahahahaha).

Going back, Syakir bought me an ice cream which was long overdue (KAMAR, mana belanja?) and either Haniesha or Audrey sprayed water and i went home with a wet back, hahahaha
Embarassing ;O

Til then,


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm wide awake, It's morning.



Monday, October 20, 2008

They're them,

Najib cracks me up and Shira is the best ever.


P/S; Hi Suraya ! I know you read my blog xoxo

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Najihah, i lap you <33333333
Kissy Kissy muah muah
Berf*** lagi tau <33


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray

After Geo finished, you could tell that everyone in the hall was relieved (including the external teachers who have been nothing but nice) that it was over.
PMR was everything everyone could really occupy us this year so now that it's done, we're free.
I'm happy like helll that it's over

So after school, I went back home (ecstatic nonetheless), and changed and out out the door I went.
Stepping foot in OU was different now that I can't be guilty for not studying. HEHE
So, rounded OU while waiting for the girls. Met alot of students, still in uniform (obviously couldn't wait to spend time out).
Those friends of mine didn't even tell me that they've arrived and were in the salon, -_- jahat gila.
I'm alone in One Utama, WAITING for them and yet, tak cakap pun dah sampai.
So i went to shop alone first. Bought a cardi from Zara. And THEN, Ila called to meet up. Heh. Showing some courtesy is always nice, y'knw.
But then, everything was good though things were strange at first. I was still upset but i didn't want to ruin my first day out.
We went to the second wing and Ila brought me to the Apple shop and showed the new iPod Nano Chromatic <3
It's love, basically. IT COMES IN PURPLE AND HAS VIDEO STORAGE, raddd. 600 bucks is worth it, honestly.
But i still love my iPod Vid though. );
Met up at that place near the escalator (extremely hot). Met alot of people, so basically i was shouting my Hello's and exchanged hugs with some.
And waited for people.
Met Wan (!), cause she was with Hafeez. Such a nice girl.
Got bored and decided to continue shopping. Ila and I tried on that beret in Topshop and i loved it. Not saying it looks good on me. Then we went to F21 to check the hats there. Bought 2 hairbands (I know, hairbands? But one was really pretty with feathers and a net hehe) and a pair of heart shaped shades.
Went to Zara and i bought a pair of flats (ala, duit raya hokay) cause my current sandals are rotten.
Ila found it so am eternally grateful to her cause if it were me, i could never never find one. I'm a fussy pot when it comes to shoes (expains why i don't have much) and i overlook everything. My attention span stretches to a measly minute when it comes to shopping. I just give one look and sometimes don't even bother to flick through.
Browsed more shops and all in all, had a great time laughing with Ila.
We coudn't stand it so we went up to Topshop and got the beret, however ridiculous it may look.
Went up to that place-by-the-GSC-escalator-totally-forgot-the-name-of-the-bistro and met Dina and Suraya.
Got hungry and settled for Waffle World.
Had fun and met quite a few kids.
Us '93s can't wait, i suppose :D
Went up and played some foosball ( i know, laugh all you want ).
Ila & Me VS Najihah & Wan
Najihah and Wan won most of it.
But was a surprise fun, really.
Then by 440, went in the cinema for Kami
At first, it was so empty we could jump from one row to another but then the crowd started to come 15 minutes later.
The movie was okay, a very sad ending, i actually cried -_-

Mum told me that there was a massive jam outside OU, and told me to stay put but some of my other friends told me they were going to be in Curve by then so wanted to go and say Hi
Followed Najihah back. Went out to Curve after prayers. Met up with them in Tony Roma's after saying RedBox tak jadi.
So Najihah and I went to eat at La Gourmet.
After done eating, we went up to play some foosball. Hehehehehehehehehehehe bodoh
Had major stomach pains due to laughing
Bila dah menang, buat ah muka seposen bajet poyo.
Whilst playing, mum said they're JUST leaving for dinner so i followed Najihah back home.
She insisted i sleepover so i asked my dad and he surprisingly allowed.
Usually, he's abit uptight about sleeping over at a friends place.
Mum says he's in a generous mode as of late.

Was funnnnn. Took alot of pictures with her webcam
I never slept over a friends house, you see.
All in all, what a way to celebrate the end of pmr, eh?

Let's see what tomorrow has in store


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Buy cape. Wear cape. Fly.

GRR !@%^&*()

DAY ONE : BM and Agama was alright. Was surprised Latar came out though. Was expecting something else. Thank God I still remembered my Form 3 komsas and they didn't ask form Form 2 or worse, Form 1 (!). I would have failed miserably. Agama was alright. Alot of common sense though. I read everything that was expected to come out (and it did) so i was pretty ok with it. Not saying it was easy, tau.

DAY TWO : English was easy. I ended up drawing flowers after the thirtieth minute for Paper 1. Paper 2 was ok. Though my summary was kind of off. SCIENCE WAS SO HARD ))))))'; I did alot of careless mistakes (i didn't check my answers, i HAD to. After Paper 1, i had to study for Paper 2 and ofcourse, you'd have to read your science for that right? So i did, came across alot of mistakes. Shit) BUT PAPER 2 WAS SO HARD, I KID YOU NOT!!!! Ughhhhh babi bodoh bangang. MOTHER FATHER BROTHER SISTER &@!*@!? The ones that i studied like crap didn't come out -_______________________- and the ones that i DID NOT study, came out -____________________________________-
What the fish?

DAY THREE : Maths was easy. Paper 2 was tougher than Paper 1 but all was good. I felt like it made up for my science misery ): Sejarah however, brought my spirit down yet again. Especially with people around you who feel like they HAVE to make you feel stupid. Discussing answers and what not. I don't understand why people do that. Grr. Mum didn't help at all. She told me i did a mistake and i cried. I had enough of that in school, I don't need her out of all people to tell me again. I studied alot for sejarah and the feeling that you may not get an A hurts the most. I'm really down.

DAY FOUR : I never took KH as a liking of mine. I couldn't find it's sole purpose (ok, maybe just for general knowledge) so i didn't really pay attention to it. But i managed. Some questions were tricky especially the accounts part but all's good. I just hope i get an A.

DAY FIVE : Too much excitement to really focus on Geo. Anyway, let's cut to the chase. Only recently, have i taken up an interest in Geography. It's addictive, if you may. The only sucky thing about it is all the places you have to remember. Especially for the Form 3 syllables. Grr. But Form 1 was a surprise pleasure <3 Fingers crossed for an A. I'd have to say that I spent the most time studying for Geo and History, so honestly, i'd be really upset if all that time studying will just result into a lousy B. :/ Hoping for the best

With love,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ni Boleh?

Grr, damn you Asyraf hahaha

I'm supposed to study for hmm, i don't know, pmr maybe (?), so but during recess, told me endless questions of "Ni Boleh?"


Ni boleh?
Er, boleh?
Ni boleh?
-.- Boleh.
Ni boleh?
Mana bolehhhhhhhhhhhhhh

What the f?
Hahahahaha, geram tak tentu pasal.
Then Ashraf and Luqman came -_-
Made matters worse

Okay gotta go study AGAMA bye ta~

3 days (!)

Sha's right. I miss form 3 already ):
It's technically, the last day for us. The next time we'll be in school, we'll be sitting for pmr. And after that, most of us won't be coming to school so i won't be seeing most of em. But we'll try to decide a day where all of us will attend and we'll play games! Haha. Time goes by so fast, hm? It felt like yesterday that we didn't bother to study that last bit of history because pmr was 160 days away. I TAKE IT BACK. 3 more days. 3 more days. 3 more days. 3 more days.

I'm giddy/nervous/excited
Glad it's coming to an end.
Sad it's coming to an end.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eid Mubarak

A quickie.

I'm in my mum's old room back here in Penang.
I'm still in my pink kebaya and make up (yes, i wear make up on this lovely day HAHA) and we just finished playing Silent Killer.
Before that, was the usual chaos made by the 10 grandchildren (heck, as well as the adults) busy lining up for much anticipated duit raya.
So as the eldest, ill be right at the back, laughing.
Food was delicious, nonetheless.
Last night was texting frenzy.
I texted (I hope) to everyone. My phone went on berserk mode and took the longest time to send out my text message and i wasn't sure if anyone got it. So i texted once more only to receive by fellow friends, 'Sayang, dah dapat dah la'

I'll be coming back on Friday (3rd day of Raya). Anyone has an open house, ring me! Haha
Not like i'm able to go with PMR (!) around the corner.
So, wish me all the best, mannn. I'm going to need it hell lot.
But for the time being, let Raya do it's thing and let me enjoy it, hm?

With love,

P/S : I'm not going to be online as much now. See you after the 17th (which is definite seeing how the 93's all over will be out by then, so we'll bound to meet, hm?) babyyy. Ciao bella