Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Somewhere a clock is ticking


I went to school today. Admittedly, I have missed it a lot. I miss learning, as ridiculous as that may sound. We returned our borrowed text books courtesy of the Ministry (thank you :D) and that was about it. That was the whole agenda. Time passed sooooooo slow. Luckily, Ila bought her Uno cards and we played Speed (I'm getting so rusty) and it went on the whole day. I lost multiple times. I SWEAR I HAVE TO PLAY STANDING UP. They played while sitting on their ass. I can't do that. AAAAANYWAY

Twas fun, nonetheless. Talked with Rachael (Looi? We never know), Kaveetha, Nikster, Ashley and Aidit concerning a reaaaaaally interesting subject that I now, taken a huge interest in (hahahahahahahaha).

Going back, Syakir bought me an ice cream which was long overdue (KAMAR, mana belanja?) and either Haniesha or Audrey sprayed water and i went home with a wet back, hahahaha
Embarassing ;O

Til then,


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