Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Millionth Of A Millisecond

Tahu lambat, tapi takpe.

Ila, Sarah, Suraya and Dina, my loves.

This is my mother, the one who STILL corrects my grammar (ever since we were born, she has been doing that ever since) and reimburses my money whenever I buy something on my own expense. The Queen of the Household. And in our hearts.

My grandfather, the one everyone in my family (and anyone who come across him) loves so dearly. He calls me his number one (me being his first grandchild) and so there is no doubt as to how much I love him

This is my family. Tania, my sister, is the one in turqoise. Iman, is the one in the dress (my mum had to pay her a 100 bucks to wear a dress. Or else, she's put on some jeans and top and gone off.). Zaim is the only boy, the funny man in the family. And that's my dad, Zainudin who makes the weirdest theories and jokes, and that's my mum who laughs at them.

Ok, done.

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