Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Buy cape. Wear cape. Fly.

GRR !@%^&*()

DAY ONE : BM and Agama was alright. Was surprised Latar came out though. Was expecting something else. Thank God I still remembered my Form 3 komsas and they didn't ask form Form 2 or worse, Form 1 (!). I would have failed miserably. Agama was alright. Alot of common sense though. I read everything that was expected to come out (and it did) so i was pretty ok with it. Not saying it was easy, tau.

DAY TWO : English was easy. I ended up drawing flowers after the thirtieth minute for Paper 1. Paper 2 was ok. Though my summary was kind of off. SCIENCE WAS SO HARD ))))))'; I did alot of careless mistakes (i didn't check my answers, i HAD to. After Paper 1, i had to study for Paper 2 and ofcourse, you'd have to read your science for that right? So i did, came across alot of mistakes. Shit) BUT PAPER 2 WAS SO HARD, I KID YOU NOT!!!! Ughhhhh babi bodoh bangang. MOTHER FATHER BROTHER SISTER &@!*@!? The ones that i studied like crap didn't come out -_______________________- and the ones that i DID NOT study, came out -____________________________________-
What the fish?

DAY THREE : Maths was easy. Paper 2 was tougher than Paper 1 but all was good. I felt like it made up for my science misery ): Sejarah however, brought my spirit down yet again. Especially with people around you who feel like they HAVE to make you feel stupid. Discussing answers and what not. I don't understand why people do that. Grr. Mum didn't help at all. She told me i did a mistake and i cried. I had enough of that in school, I don't need her out of all people to tell me again. I studied alot for sejarah and the feeling that you may not get an A hurts the most. I'm really down.

DAY FOUR : I never took KH as a liking of mine. I couldn't find it's sole purpose (ok, maybe just for general knowledge) so i didn't really pay attention to it. But i managed. Some questions were tricky especially the accounts part but all's good. I just hope i get an A.

DAY FIVE : Too much excitement to really focus on Geo. Anyway, let's cut to the chase. Only recently, have i taken up an interest in Geography. It's addictive, if you may. The only sucky thing about it is all the places you have to remember. Especially for the Form 3 syllables. Grr. But Form 1 was a surprise pleasure <3 Fingers crossed for an A. I'd have to say that I spent the most time studying for Geo and History, so honestly, i'd be really upset if all that time studying will just result into a lousy B. :/ Hoping for the best

With love,

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