Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eid Mubarak

A quickie.

I'm in my mum's old room back here in Penang.
I'm still in my pink kebaya and make up (yes, i wear make up on this lovely day HAHA) and we just finished playing Silent Killer.
Before that, was the usual chaos made by the 10 grandchildren (heck, as well as the adults) busy lining up for much anticipated duit raya.
So as the eldest, ill be right at the back, laughing.
Food was delicious, nonetheless.
Last night was texting frenzy.
I texted (I hope) to everyone. My phone went on berserk mode and took the longest time to send out my text message and i wasn't sure if anyone got it. So i texted once more only to receive by fellow friends, 'Sayang, dah dapat dah la'

I'll be coming back on Friday (3rd day of Raya). Anyone has an open house, ring me! Haha
Not like i'm able to go with PMR (!) around the corner.
So, wish me all the best, mannn. I'm going to need it hell lot.
But for the time being, let Raya do it's thing and let me enjoy it, hm?

With love,

P/S : I'm not going to be online as much now. See you after the 17th (which is definite seeing how the 93's all over will be out by then, so we'll bound to meet, hm?) babyyy. Ciao bella

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