Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Project

Marissa and I are starting this little project and it's been kept on the down low for a while now because we wanted to properly launch it when everything is ready.

I'm so excited and I'm not at full liberty to say what it is but we started our 'first day' on Saturday and it was a success! Quite happy with how everything went and insyaAllah, things will go well!

I'm not sure as to when exactly we can properly launch it but hopefully soon, we're still working on the logistics of it all and still going back and forth with the decisions.

Eeeep, wish us luck!

Marissa took this photo of me and she's tall so she took this from a high angle and I look so pendek (I'm aware I am, btw but this looks really really pendek!!! Maybe I should take a cue from Vivy and start wearing heels more often....)

Pants from Uniqlo / Camisole from Topshop / Cardigan from Primark / Sandals from Zara 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ramadhan Kareem

It's that time of year again!

Salam Ramadhan to everyone!! May Allah bless you and your wonderful family with guidance and sincerity and may He grant us strength and patience throughout this whole month. Let's make the best of this holy month and be good and do good.

For anyone who reads this blog, I'd like very much to enter Ramadhan with your blessing and for any and every wrongdoing, I sincerely apologise from the very bottom of my heart. I'm sure there are some people who have been hurt by my words and my actions and for that, I am very sorry.

May everyone have a beautiful Ramadhan ahead! God bless and take care and banyak banyak bersabar ok? I'm usually very impatient so I am trying my very bestest best to bersabar. May our good deeds berkali ganda and may He forgive us for all our sins.

Salam Ramadhan, everyone!

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Had an early start to my day (anything before 11 is early, people) and went out for brunch with my other Bristolian friends. Had no car at home so I had to take a cab - something I haven't done in a long long time in Malaysia. So I downloaded the Uber app and took my first Uber taxi ride! It's so convenient! You don't have to carry cash with you because once you've registered with Uber, it'll link your account to your credit card so they just deduct from there and they'll send you a receipt via email and all that jazz. Super cool! And so high class lah the taxi! I loved the experience! And I had a chatty driver as well so that was good! Highly recommended.

So I reached Yeast (in Telawi, Bangsar!) there just in time and we all had breakfast-y meals - I had french toast with caramelised apples and the rest had eggs benedict with either salmon or turkey. It was so sedap, I swear! I'm not one for breakfast, mainly because I hardly wake up for breakfast, but this french toast was really something !

And I had the BEST peach tea around! I've never Instagram-ed my meals like ever because i) They're usually never attractive ii) even if I do have a nicely plated meal, I can never seem to take a decent photo of it. I swear it's really good!

It was blazing hottttttttt!!!! So we went to Chawan for drinks and hung out some more. Overall I had a great dayyyyyyyyy and all thanks to this lot!! Bristolians 5eva xxxx

Friday, June 20, 2014


Yesterday was fun.


Everyone who knows me knows that I love KY a whole lot because of how much that place means to me; the teachers, the friends, the events, the dramas, the staff, the classrooms, everything!

So obviously I was very excited to be there. We went there as a surprise for the juniors; I especially wanted to surprise Puchee because I've missed the girl and it's been a good 9 months since I last saw her and who doesn't like surprising people! (unless it's with bad news of course... unless you're sadistic like that.........)

Surprise was a success!! She basically came running when she spotted me in the cafe! Soooo happy to be reunited with my girl!!! Had a little lepak time at the café (ahh old times) and had a few big laughs with Fauzan.

(in case you didn't know, the café was my favourite place in the whole of KY lolz)

I, then proceeded to the field where the juniors were playing soft ball. I was welcomed with warm hugs and "Nadiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" and I was elated to finally see these babies again! Had so much fun watching them play despite me not knowing what was going on. So complicated, man but I just rooted for both teams anyway! The usual playful banter between the two teams were hilarious, with Fauzan dancing around saying "4 sama! 4 sama!" because it was 4-0 before that and then later Merican dancing back to Fauzan saying "11-4!". Might have burst a gut laughing then. So much fun, it reminded me of my last week in KY. THAT WAS HELLA HELLA GOOD, man.

(hehehe my favourite Garnet juniors! Such sweethearts! I'm tellin' you, if you can't find chivalry, please make your way to KY, there's a whole lot of 'em there)

After softball ended, I followed Puchee back to her villa. Yes, people. It is now a villa! They've upgraded the place by a whole lot and it looks so fancy shmancy!! I'm so jealous but at the same time, I'm really glad I went through the whole chalet experience for the 2 years I was there. But still really jealous of the fancy villas.

Talked to Puchee and it felt like good ol' times when I would go to her chalet or when she would come to mine and we would mindlessly talk and talk and laugh and gossip and caught up with each other. 
At 815, we left for the halls, I headed towards the dining hall where the Garnetrons were having their Senior Farewell dinner and Puchee headed towards her Sapphire people in the new block. 

Kanda and I entered the dining hall and Bonda spotted us before we could spot her! Ahhhhh I missed her so much! She was very much like a mother in KY to me. Everytime there was something that bothered me, I would go to her in the Lecture Theater and just sit down and tell her everything. The best part about Bonda was she hardly ever told me to "Sabar...", instead she would also turut complain and whine with me. Sometimes, that can be really comforting and of course, fun. 

Borak borak with the juniors before leaving and they only have a good 2-3 days left in KY and I feel so sad FOR them which is quite pathetic of me but really?? I'm so emotional when it comes to KY lolz 

Jules Neo

WITH THE NEW HOUSECAPTAIN, Sharul! Small world that he's a distant relative of mine!! 

We soon left for Garden Seafood.



Amazing. Worth the trip. 

It's in Tanjung Malim and it's every KY students saving grace. Whenever we've given up with KY's dining hall food or if there's reason to celebrate or to spend a bit more money, we'd get a cab and go to garden seafood. 

Back-to-KY day was really really really good and I loved every bit of it and I miss it even more now. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

#Ger #Bra

So after a week in Penang, I'm finally FINALLY settled down at home. I was there because my aunty got married so the whole family traveled north to attend the wedding. Penang really has played SUCH a huge role in my life and I really just love it and the house there and everything lah. It's really my second home.

But oh my dear God, the heat. The heat is really something else. My grandparents spoil us silly so we are always in our air-conditioned room and once we open the door to go outside, it's like a furnace. You can almost feel the heat overwhelm your whole body and the humidity just sits so heavily on your shoulders and chest. I wore make up comfortably in the cool room and once I went outside, I could instantly feel my make up melt off my face! It was so uncomfortable!!! Eep this sounds so horrible but what would I do without my air-conditioning!

We arrived KL today and for dinner, we went for good ol' nasi daun pisang at my favourite place; Nirwana. Amaze. I was craving for this like gila so to finally kenyangkan perut with nasi daun pisang was out of this world (#over)!

It's currently 1:15 am and I'm attempting to stay up for the first World Cup match!!!! I'm a big World Cup fan, yeah sure I might not know all the players' first and last names nor do I know the 780 rules there is to football but there's just something about World Cup that I love. Maybe it's the patriotism that emerges within the nation. So yeah, there's that! I'm rooting for Germany and Brazil!

But how to stay up when my eyes are half way closed!!! Zzzzz

(Edit : errr.... so I totally overslept and the next thing I knew it was 8am and bright outside)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Currently I have Sam Smith sing for me in the background (Nope, I'm still not finished obsessing over him, thanks), eating a piece of Fredo's chocolate (not finished obsessing over that either) and waiting for Subuh.

All that in the comforts of my home in KL.

Yes, alhamdulillah, I'm back!!!! I'm so happy and so overjoyed to be in warm warm humid Malaysia where everything is familiar and upon landing, all I could think about is, "I'm finally home" and even if it wasn't for my nausea from the horrible turbulence, I would've teared a bit. Nevertheless, I'm home!

First person I saw was my mum and I just hugged the daylights out of her. Her first word to me was,


Of course, right after that I asked for a few ringgits to buy Nelson's corn in a cup. Hehehe

Hugged my Papa after that and we settled at Delifrance for a bit before making a move to Muhibbah for dinner. My stomach cried for joy because in-flight food..... umm..... they get B for effort. Lolz

ANYWAY! As I indulged in glorious glorious seafood in Muhibbah, I was just the happiest girl in the world because I was surrounded by the 5 other people I love very much in this world. We laughed and laughed and made jokes about one another and reminisced our childhood and that's the one single thing I've missed the absolute most from being away from home.

I'm actually heading to Penang right after Subuh prayers. I'M SO EXCITED!!! To be reunited with my grandparents!!! Eeeeep! And the food! Whenever I tell people I'll be in Penang, they always tell me how good the food is and I don't really know how to respond because I hardly go out for the food as my grandmother is always cooking for us. So um, no, I've not gone to nasi kandar beratur or anything like that. I'm good to go right at home with Mak Tok's curry and ikan sambal and udang kunyit and kangkung belacan and ayam masak kicap, thank you very much.


The past 9 months in the UK have been great and I've had the time of my life, really, but there's quite nothing like being at home.