Saturday, June 21, 2014


Had an early start to my day (anything before 11 is early, people) and went out for brunch with my other Bristolian friends. Had no car at home so I had to take a cab - something I haven't done in a long long time in Malaysia. So I downloaded the Uber app and took my first Uber taxi ride! It's so convenient! You don't have to carry cash with you because once you've registered with Uber, it'll link your account to your credit card so they just deduct from there and they'll send you a receipt via email and all that jazz. Super cool! And so high class lah the taxi! I loved the experience! And I had a chatty driver as well so that was good! Highly recommended.

So I reached Yeast (in Telawi, Bangsar!) there just in time and we all had breakfast-y meals - I had french toast with caramelised apples and the rest had eggs benedict with either salmon or turkey. It was so sedap, I swear! I'm not one for breakfast, mainly because I hardly wake up for breakfast, but this french toast was really something !

And I had the BEST peach tea around! I've never Instagram-ed my meals like ever because i) They're usually never attractive ii) even if I do have a nicely plated meal, I can never seem to take a decent photo of it. I swear it's really good!

It was blazing hottttttttt!!!! So we went to Chawan for drinks and hung out some more. Overall I had a great dayyyyyyyyy and all thanks to this lot!! Bristolians 5eva xxxx

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