Friday, June 13, 2014

#Ger #Bra

So after a week in Penang, I'm finally FINALLY settled down at home. I was there because my aunty got married so the whole family traveled north to attend the wedding. Penang really has played SUCH a huge role in my life and I really just love it and the house there and everything lah. It's really my second home.

But oh my dear God, the heat. The heat is really something else. My grandparents spoil us silly so we are always in our air-conditioned room and once we open the door to go outside, it's like a furnace. You can almost feel the heat overwhelm your whole body and the humidity just sits so heavily on your shoulders and chest. I wore make up comfortably in the cool room and once I went outside, I could instantly feel my make up melt off my face! It was so uncomfortable!!! Eep this sounds so horrible but what would I do without my air-conditioning!

We arrived KL today and for dinner, we went for good ol' nasi daun pisang at my favourite place; Nirwana. Amaze. I was craving for this like gila so to finally kenyangkan perut with nasi daun pisang was out of this world (#over)!

It's currently 1:15 am and I'm attempting to stay up for the first World Cup match!!!! I'm a big World Cup fan, yeah sure I might not know all the players' first and last names nor do I know the 780 rules there is to football but there's just something about World Cup that I love. Maybe it's the patriotism that emerges within the nation. So yeah, there's that! I'm rooting for Germany and Brazil!

But how to stay up when my eyes are half way closed!!! Zzzzz

(Edit : errr.... so I totally overslept and the next thing I knew it was 8am and bright outside)

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