Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Project

Marissa and I are starting this little project and it's been kept on the down low for a while now because we wanted to properly launch it when everything is ready.

I'm so excited and I'm not at full liberty to say what it is but we started our 'first day' on Saturday and it was a success! Quite happy with how everything went and insyaAllah, things will go well!

I'm not sure as to when exactly we can properly launch it but hopefully soon, we're still working on the logistics of it all and still going back and forth with the decisions.

Eeeep, wish us luck!

Marissa took this photo of me and she's tall so she took this from a high angle and I look so pendek (I'm aware I am, btw but this looks really really pendek!!! Maybe I should take a cue from Vivy and start wearing heels more often....)

Pants from Uniqlo / Camisole from Topshop / Cardigan from Primark / Sandals from Zara 

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