Monday, July 7, 2014

Clothes and Shopping

If y'all know me, you would know that I'm the simplest of dressers. I never go for anything too showy or too fancy or too adventurous just 'cause it doesn't feel like me at all. I always berangan and get something that's a tad bit adventurous and when I come home and try it on, I always chicken out and grab my favourite blouse and a pair of jeans. Like how some people have comfort food, I have my comfort outfit.

I don't even have a whole range of accessories to choose from. I have a few good necklaces I wear ALL the time and earrings, I have 3 to choose from (and out of the three, one is my mum's, one is Tania's, and one I bought last week).

I also have 1 good pair of heels and 2 pairs of wedges. I've just never been interested in shoes; once I've broken into a pair, I stick by them forever til they look really really sad. I wished I had more but I'm just not interested in shoes like how some other girls are. I saw a pair of heels the other day and they were 40% off but I was 10 bucks short at the time so I told myself I'd come back in a couple of days, only to be disappointed when they were off the shelves dah. Shoes and I, we're not the best of friends.

When it comes to shopping, it takes me super sekejap. I go in a store and whizz by everything with the occasional flicking and browsing of clothes. If I REALLY like something, only then I'd buy it. If it's subpar or if I have second thoughts about it, I just shrug it off. If I'm still thinking about it the next day, then I go get it. But if it's just meh, I just move on to the next. I'm just a really lazy shopper like that, sometimes I get annoyed by myself because I'll be all optimistic about my chances of shopping one day only to be shot down. Wow. Over gila, Nadia???

But yeah. I just haven't ranted about my shopping habits in a while so I figured I would this time. There are huge sales all around now and I hate it. It's very rare I find something I like in the discount racks here as opposed to the ones in the UK. And I'm really not trying to sound like a snob, but the things they have on sales can drive you mental. It's bad enough they just dump everything everywhere. It gets so serabut sometimes, sampai so rimas! Even if there was something nice, nothing seems to fit me nicely. I'm already short, so I don't appreciate clothes that drown me. I did find a pair of white palazzo's from H&M the other day and they fit me like a glove!! Of course, I still have to go and alter the length it because currently it looks like I got no legs in the first place. But I'm just so happy that it fits nicely, it made my whole week!! #over #materialistic

I'm just really appreciating dressing really casually and really easy here in sunny warm and humid KL. I don't miss my jackets and scarves and boots at ALL and I'm taking all my thin and flimsy blouses and hugging them so tight when I open my closet. I missed them alllllllllllll so I'm going to wear all of them all the time!!! (If you haven't yet noticed, I'm still not over how much I love being home and it's been a month hahaha) (Oh shit, it's already been a month?!?!?!?!?!)

I hope you have a good shopping day whenever that will be! As for me, I shall be one with my clothes and shower them with a lot of wears and make them feel appreciated and loved.


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