Saturday, July 12, 2014


I love my guy friends. But it's always always nice to gather the girls for an all girls night out. Even if that 'night out' is just buka puasa dinner and playing cards at a nearby mamak.

Wild night out, am I right????

Anyway, I grouped my closest bunch of friends for our iftar in Publika and we had dinner at The Social. It was my first time and I had the aglio olio (surprise, surprise) and it was so good! I don't know what about it that makes aglio olio everywhere really sedap. Or maybe I just really love it.

Like I said, I love my guy friends and they're so fun to be with but nothing beats an all girls night out. I had so much fun laughing 'til my cheeks hurt and made fun of one another and spilled secrets and updated one another. We all live in KL (and Shah Alam for Pana) but even that, we sometimes hardly see each other because of how busy everyone can be (and how far Shah Alam is for Pana) with their own family plans and whatnot.

The best thing about going for a night out with just girls is that everything we talk about is completely relatable and we always go "YEAH ME TOO, SEP!" and we don't really have to be shy with one another. Not that we're shy with our guy friends or anything but there's always that subject or topic that we only girls get. So this was very much needed.

After dinner, we went to Mamak Anderson to play cards. After we got bored (because Pana was winning......), we played 'Spin the Lipstick' because we had no bottle and so we settled for something we had in our own handbags. I think we spent a good 10 minutes spinning several objects before Fain pulled out her Clinique lipstick which worked perfectly. It was not a game of 'Spin the Bottle' with kisses obviously, it was just truth and dare except we didn't play the dare card at all. Hahahaha so it was just playing Truth with a lipstick....

...... ok.

Fun times though because we asked each other scandalous questions and I swear we were quite loud and rowdy, some people at the back might have heard some secrets. Oh well.

This group of friends is forever to me so I'm looking forward to more outings not just in the next month or during our study years in the UK but sampai after kahwin to complain and swoon over our husbands and sampai after we get kids to complain and boast about our kids and sampai our kids go off to universities to cry and rejoice that they're out of the house and sampai forever and ever lah basically.
So much love for these lovely ladies. (I've already made them promise to make me a dulang girl.... if not their pengapit!!!)


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