Sunday, April 22, 2018

A boring (but necessary...?) post

I really love nothing more than being at home, by myself and watching something on my laptop. My family and I went for lunch today and then to RIUH and although that was fun and I met some friends, I was counting the minutes to come home. After a cold shower, of course. Bliss ~ 

I got inspired by my friend, Hanis, who wrote down things that she was grateful for and wrote in an entry basically everyday and I really liked the idea that I started doing my own. I tweaked it a bit and it's a list of '3 Things That Made Me Happy Today'. I've been quite good with it and have made sure to jot down 3 things that I liked about that day. I can be the world's greatest pessimist on some days (if not most of 'em) so this is quite refreshing to do. Some days I have trouble coming up with 3 things and some days I'll write more. Here's just a few for the past week:

15/4 : 
Hugging Iman

16/4 : 
Saved money by bringing last night's aglio to work

17/4 :

18/4 :
Watching Heart Signal's latest episode. I'm obsessed.

19/4 : 
Came home to Mama frying my favourite sausages

20/4 :
Got home from work very early.

21/4 : 
Watching Emilia Clarke's video for Omaze. She's so precious.

22/4 : 
The rain.

 I won't post anymore here just 'cause it's something personal and I'd like to keep it to myself so just a tiny bit will do for now. But it's really nice to come home at the end of the day and remind yourself what made you happy that day even if it was a tough day to get through. I highly encourage it!

This is such a boring post but I still felt I needed to post something as to not have this blog go abandon for more than 3 weeks. I think my next post I'll write a super long one about what I've been really loving lately. That can usually go on for miles on long.

'Til then!