Tuesday, October 30, 2007



yeay man !
god :o
no more studying and form 2 is freakin' done.

So, now is time for just playing.
ohmygod, gl fun.

so riiiiight.
today was just pj exam.
VERY important cause like it'll affect our life and all and it's like this HUGE important exam we CANNOT just ignore


it strtd at 12.10, i slept by 12.20, and woke up by 1.10.
hahaha :D
so ok.
This weekend i have a Halloween party and i hv decided to come as a witch.
All i have to buy is the long hat and purple lipstick.
haha, should be fun <3

oh yeahhh.
just nw, bfr rehat, natrah, jeisee, amanda and 2 other girls from rhazes, i hv now completely frgtn their names, played Pictionary.
How, you ask ?
Welll, by our imaginaaaaaation *shapes rainbow with hands*
haha, i (very proud of it too) made the 2 dices.
Jeisee did the board and Natrah and Amanda did the cards which we eventually ditched.
So i played later on cause i was talking to Syuhada and Athirah.
But when it came to my turn, i think the funniest time was when i had to draw something from the food category (which then, Amanda picked NASILEMAK).
So JeiSee was my partner in crime la kan.
So she had to guess and i draw.
So i draaaaaw.
She couldn't guess it weiii.
I was laughing my ass off.
Like so hard cause she was saying all this illogical guests.
Like, i drew rice on a banana leaf with sambal, the cucumber, ikan bilis and then i drew a triangle which is how the nasi lemak will be bungkus-ed riiiiight.
But, she was like, "Er, Pizza ! no no no, SALMONN !'
you can already tell my drawing was horrible when you supposedly nasi lemak looks like salmon -.-'
in the end, jei see DID guess correctly and well, WE WONNNNN !

HA, me and JeiSee, we rock (:


Monday, October 29, 2007


Helllooooooooooooooooooo !

I miss blogspot, no seriously.
I miss blogging.
I miss OneUtama
I miss going to the movies.

But one things for certain..

.. I don't miss studyinggggggggg.

hahahaha :D
Exams was 40% easy 60% hard.
EEEEEEE, i hate finals.

Anyway, leave tht behind.
Sarah's bck.
From London.
hahahhaa :D
i mean, hel-lo.
London has got to be one of the best places to ever be.
I went there twice when i was 7-9
I love London.

Just now, right.
On the way to school, Mama asked me a question, I'd never thought would be asked.
'Oh yeah, do you want to go to Europe or not?'
I'm like


haha, my first response was a shriek THEN the above.

I was so happy cause well, atfirst i thought my mum said tht my grandparents were going and asked if I wanted to follow, which if tht was the case, i would naturally said yes without a doubt.

But then, DUM DUM DUM.
Mama was like, 'Seriously? You want to go with the other girls?'
And then baru i realised.
I was on the possibility of going to Europe with my second cousins who, mind you, are rich as hell.
Y'see, my grandaunt who is my grandmother's sister (they're very close) asked whether i want to go or not, because in a way, i think she loves me out of all my cousins. No, not her OWN grandchildren.
I mean, i think she loves me most out of my siblings.
HAHAHAHA, well, she DID bring me to England for the sake of which i later realised was just because me and Azryn, my cousin asked her 'Is England pretty?'
And because of that, she booked seats for herself, Azryn, my grandmother and myself.

So anyway, if i'd go to Europe, i had to be tagged along with my other GIRL cousins who range from 5-10 year olds.
But my elder cousin, Azryn who's 16 would be going so, it's a win win situation.
I still don't know.
I mean, they didn't ask my sister, Tania who just so happens to be the other cousins, favourite.
They'd be all, 'Nadiaaaa, where's Tania?'
THEN, i'd feel bad fr going without Tania.

But then again, this is going to be a one in a million chances of me going to Europe.
Wellll, i don't even know if it's Europe pun.
All i DO know is, Switzerland is going to be the first stop.

): I'm sad.
I want to go to freakin' Europe.
IF only my sister would be coming then i wouldn't feel bad fr going without her, you dig ?

No, you DON'T DIG, cause you're nt in my position.

See, now this is my definition of a dilemma.
AND yes, it doesn't consist of boys.

So, i'm praying to God, fr all the possible chances that may occur.


Thursday, October 18, 2007


ohmygosh, it seems like forever tht i haven't been blogging.
Let's get it started.

I went bck to Penang on Sunday which is the 7th.
And Raya was a blast :D
Raya was on er.. wait, 13th so y'knw all the dressing up, raya wishes via text messaging, food (yum), and best of alllllll,
This year wasn't as much as 2 years bck.
I think this year abt 700 plus.
But tht's pretty good la.
I can already think of all the things i wnt to buy but there's a possibility of either Australia or Bandung, Indonesia so if we are really gng to either places, i'll be saving my duit raya.
But if no vacation which is quite impossible cause we'll be gng SOMEWHERE.
Unknown tht is.


So on the first day of Raya, we went to Taiping, my dad's hometown.
Personally, i don't quite like gng bck to there because i just don't hv anyone to borak with.
Like my cousins, they're all so much older then me.
The only one who is the same age as i am is a boy -.-'
And very smart too but whtever to tht.

So yeah, 2nd day, my cousins from my mum's side came to Penang and them, i'm great with.
We've made our own fashion line yo.
After days of choosing a name.
But we came out with a lot now.

SO yeah.
Wht shall i talk abt NOW ?
Oh yeah, i'm bck.
Left at abt 7.30 in the morning after breakfast.
Slept 3/4 of the journey.
And now, i hv to freakin' study.
I hate studying.
I mean, i HAVE studied in Penang and bfr tht.
But like, i'm terrified since it IS the finals and it'll kinda determine my class fr nxt year.

Oh and my condolences to Rachael and family fr their loss.
Rach, be strong yeah.
You're a great girl and your dad is definitely proud of you.

Alright, now i'm gng to eat my lunch.
See you.


Saturday, October 6, 2007


WITH EMINA and KYRINA, darlings

FUN day but frustrating by end.
I didn't buy anything.
So ok, half true.
I bought one blck top.
Simple, yadayadayada.

Couldn't find freakin' jeans.
which was so upsetting.
Topshop had jeans but were slim leg and i can't get away with slim legs cause they make me look like rempits.
And we don't want tht to happen, now do we.

So yeah, Zara had some BUT since y'knw i'm short and petite, there were none.
And the ones tht were nice, i found out, i already own them.
SO it was Forever21.
They were lawaaaa.
But long and they cost at abt 189 bucks.
I had cash tht time but was really doubting.
Cause it was long and i'd have to go alter it which would take time and well, banyak hal

Broke fast at Dome cause Chillies and TGIF were full :o
I mean, c'mon.
We should hv gotten there like at 6 and make a freakin' reservation.
but nooooo.
So yeah, went to Dome.
OhMyGod, the Spicy Olio Pasta is like, freakin' sedap.
And the mushroom soup tooooo.
And Emina brought her chunky huge peanut MnM's and she actually ate it with her soup.
Mygod 0.o
HAHAHAHA, she was like, so awesome.
We're gng after raya, definitely.

Then, Ky came bck frm a mini date with her *latest* boyfriend.
Went to Baskin Robbin's to y'knw sit down and talk.
We haven't had tht in a long time.
So ky had a lot to spill.
From her dad's death to her mum's upcoming marriage.
It was nice of her to tell us all.
I mean, i thought it'd be awkward but KY is like amazing.
She can tell you everything.
PLUS, she's gorgeous.
She had an amazing new hairdo with fantastic looking hairdyes.
I mean, it was brown.
Nt too brown but brown.
You dig ?

Tomorrow i'll be off to Penang fr early vacation.
So tht's 3 days of skipping schl.
THEN, raya.
Don't get me wrong. I really DO enjoy raya.
Just tht, this year we hv exam AFTER raya which is stupid if you ask me cause tht means we hv to study DURING raya ( just in case you couldn't work things out faster like the other mankind on earth ).

I hate studying.
Cause unlike Rach, who claims to study last minute, STILL manages to get straight A's which sucks.
I mean, nt fr her.
But fr me cause i can't help wonder how come I can't get things in my head as effective ?


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

french ladies,

are hot.

if you notice, like, most french ladies are so slim, rare fr you to find one who's fat, chubby and above all, disgusting.
they're so freakin sophisticated, it gaggles me.
*no such word as gaggle but hell, this is my blog, i'd do wtvr i wnt*
so anyway, it's 8.02 Tuesday morning.
Haven't slept frm Sahur.
Shit. i meaaaan, Shizzles.

So yeah, obviously, unless you're really dumb and can't work out things as fast as other human, i'm nt in schl.
I mean, nt like there's any knowledge fr me to gain wtsoever.
Half or maybe three quarter of the school staff aren't around.
they're out jaga-ing pmr.
my mum's one of em so they'll be a transportation problem.
i'm gng to the library at around 11.
Meeting up Sarah there.
She has an exm to sit nxt week, a tad bit earlier than others cause she's off to London when we'll be sitting fr our finals.
I have math and science to study.
Cause, according to PuanAzlin, you hv to get A's fr both in order to stay top class.
Like Edison fr instance.

And i like Edison.
Einstein is too scary fr me.
Avicenna too.

So yeah, shizzles.
There's also geography, history (ick), agama, thisthat.
OH OH Kemahiran Hiduuuuup.
I'm only good in English.
I need to buck up.
PMR is like, in a year.


Instead of studying in the morning cause tht's what 'they' say its the best time to study as you absorb like a sponge.
Everything you read, you'll knw.
Or something like tht.

Anyway, I was surfing the internet and style.com.
Came across a girl.
Name's Valentine Fillor Cordier.
Beautiful name, don't you think ?
So yeah, found out she was a model and was equally surprised to find tht she's nt as happening as the others.
Like, Jessica Stam, Chanel Iman, Caroline Trentini, Irina Lazareanu, Coco Rocha, blablahblah.
So yeah, she's really really pretty.
PLUS, she's french.

There's something in the water in France.
I mean, everyone there (well,amost) is incredibly chic and gorgeous and wtvr they put on is immediately 'in'.
I think it's their way of life.
I mean, they don't drive.
THEY WALK to places.
I mean, i would too when there's cobblestones streets, cool weather, guys to look at, Eiffel Tower you'll see, i mean, c'mon.
Who would want to ride a car anyway ?
And yeah, i hear you.
The French eat a lot of carbs.
I mean, with their loafs of bread, croissant, and other foods tht are hard to pronounce.
BUT they burn it by walking.
Walking is a powerful exercise.
It doesn't look like it but it is, ok, it is.

Malaysians should do tht.
Walk, i mean.
Instead of taking the car.
They should hv a day where no one can drive like, at all.
NO cars, no nothing.
No vehicles, basically.

Damn, i should be the Prime Minister.