Tuesday, October 30, 2007



yeay man !
god :o
no more studying and form 2 is freakin' done.

So, now is time for just playing.
ohmygod, gl fun.

so riiiiight.
today was just pj exam.
VERY important cause like it'll affect our life and all and it's like this HUGE important exam we CANNOT just ignore


it strtd at 12.10, i slept by 12.20, and woke up by 1.10.
hahaha :D
so ok.
This weekend i have a Halloween party and i hv decided to come as a witch.
All i have to buy is the long hat and purple lipstick.
haha, should be fun <3

oh yeahhh.
just nw, bfr rehat, natrah, jeisee, amanda and 2 other girls from rhazes, i hv now completely frgtn their names, played Pictionary.
How, you ask ?
Welll, by our imaginaaaaaation *shapes rainbow with hands*
haha, i (very proud of it too) made the 2 dices.
Jeisee did the board and Natrah and Amanda did the cards which we eventually ditched.
So i played later on cause i was talking to Syuhada and Athirah.
But when it came to my turn, i think the funniest time was when i had to draw something from the food category (which then, Amanda picked NASILEMAK).
So JeiSee was my partner in crime la kan.
So she had to guess and i draw.
So i draaaaaw.
She couldn't guess it weiii.
I was laughing my ass off.
Like so hard cause she was saying all this illogical guests.
Like, i drew rice on a banana leaf with sambal, the cucumber, ikan bilis and then i drew a triangle which is how the nasi lemak will be bungkus-ed riiiiight.
But, she was like, "Er, Pizza ! no no no, SALMONN !'
you can already tell my drawing was horrible when you supposedly nasi lemak looks like salmon -.-'
in the end, jei see DID guess correctly and well, WE WONNNNN !

HA, me and JeiSee, we rock (:


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