Monday, October 29, 2007


Helllooooooooooooooooooo !

I miss blogspot, no seriously.
I miss blogging.
I miss OneUtama
I miss going to the movies.

But one things for certain..

.. I don't miss studyinggggggggg.

hahahaha :D
Exams was 40% easy 60% hard.
EEEEEEE, i hate finals.

Anyway, leave tht behind.
Sarah's bck.
From London.
hahahhaa :D
i mean, hel-lo.
London has got to be one of the best places to ever be.
I went there twice when i was 7-9
I love London.

Just now, right.
On the way to school, Mama asked me a question, I'd never thought would be asked.
'Oh yeah, do you want to go to Europe or not?'
I'm like


haha, my first response was a shriek THEN the above.

I was so happy cause well, atfirst i thought my mum said tht my grandparents were going and asked if I wanted to follow, which if tht was the case, i would naturally said yes without a doubt.

But then, DUM DUM DUM.
Mama was like, 'Seriously? You want to go with the other girls?'
And then baru i realised.
I was on the possibility of going to Europe with my second cousins who, mind you, are rich as hell.
Y'see, my grandaunt who is my grandmother's sister (they're very close) asked whether i want to go or not, because in a way, i think she loves me out of all my cousins. No, not her OWN grandchildren.
I mean, i think she loves me most out of my siblings.
HAHAHAHA, well, she DID bring me to England for the sake of which i later realised was just because me and Azryn, my cousin asked her 'Is England pretty?'
And because of that, she booked seats for herself, Azryn, my grandmother and myself.

So anyway, if i'd go to Europe, i had to be tagged along with my other GIRL cousins who range from 5-10 year olds.
But my elder cousin, Azryn who's 16 would be going so, it's a win win situation.
I still don't know.
I mean, they didn't ask my sister, Tania who just so happens to be the other cousins, favourite.
They'd be all, 'Nadiaaaa, where's Tania?'
THEN, i'd feel bad fr going without Tania.

But then again, this is going to be a one in a million chances of me going to Europe.
Wellll, i don't even know if it's Europe pun.
All i DO know is, Switzerland is going to be the first stop.

): I'm sad.
I want to go to freakin' Europe.
IF only my sister would be coming then i wouldn't feel bad fr going without her, you dig ?

No, you DON'T DIG, cause you're nt in my position.

See, now this is my definition of a dilemma.
AND yes, it doesn't consist of boys.

So, i'm praying to God, fr all the possible chances that may occur.


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