Tuesday, October 2, 2007

french ladies,

are hot.

if you notice, like, most french ladies are so slim, rare fr you to find one who's fat, chubby and above all, disgusting.
they're so freakin sophisticated, it gaggles me.
*no such word as gaggle but hell, this is my blog, i'd do wtvr i wnt*
so anyway, it's 8.02 Tuesday morning.
Haven't slept frm Sahur.
Shit. i meaaaan, Shizzles.

So yeah, obviously, unless you're really dumb and can't work out things as fast as other human, i'm nt in schl.
I mean, nt like there's any knowledge fr me to gain wtsoever.
Half or maybe three quarter of the school staff aren't around.
they're out jaga-ing pmr.
my mum's one of em so they'll be a transportation problem.
i'm gng to the library at around 11.
Meeting up Sarah there.
She has an exm to sit nxt week, a tad bit earlier than others cause she's off to London when we'll be sitting fr our finals.
I have math and science to study.
Cause, according to PuanAzlin, you hv to get A's fr both in order to stay top class.
Like Edison fr instance.

And i like Edison.
Einstein is too scary fr me.
Avicenna too.

So yeah, shizzles.
There's also geography, history (ick), agama, thisthat.
OH OH Kemahiran Hiduuuuup.
I'm only good in English.
I need to buck up.
PMR is like, in a year.


Instead of studying in the morning cause tht's what 'they' say its the best time to study as you absorb like a sponge.
Everything you read, you'll knw.
Or something like tht.

Anyway, I was surfing the internet and style.com.
Came across a girl.
Name's Valentine Fillor Cordier.
Beautiful name, don't you think ?
So yeah, found out she was a model and was equally surprised to find tht she's nt as happening as the others.
Like, Jessica Stam, Chanel Iman, Caroline Trentini, Irina Lazareanu, Coco Rocha, blablahblah.
So yeah, she's really really pretty.
PLUS, she's french.

There's something in the water in France.
I mean, everyone there (well,amost) is incredibly chic and gorgeous and wtvr they put on is immediately 'in'.
I think it's their way of life.
I mean, they don't drive.
THEY WALK to places.
I mean, i would too when there's cobblestones streets, cool weather, guys to look at, Eiffel Tower you'll see, i mean, c'mon.
Who would want to ride a car anyway ?
And yeah, i hear you.
The French eat a lot of carbs.
I mean, with their loafs of bread, croissant, and other foods tht are hard to pronounce.
BUT they burn it by walking.
Walking is a powerful exercise.
It doesn't look like it but it is, ok, it is.

Malaysians should do tht.
Walk, i mean.
Instead of taking the car.
They should hv a day where no one can drive like, at all.
NO cars, no nothing.
No vehicles, basically.

Damn, i should be the Prime Minister.


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