Sunday, September 30, 2007

the gardens,

my title is a new shopping mall, bytheway.

it's loacated near midvalley.
i went there ystrday.
OH, it's 5.21 in the morning now.
I had my sahur.

the gardens is actually quite awesome.
Very fancy shmancy.
With designer stores aaaaaand ROBINSONS !
Ohmy, the Robinsons here beat Singapore's assssss.
Hahaha :D
Nicer weiii.
So yeah, ystrday went ard in hopes of buying new baju raya clothes.
No, nt the traditional baju kurung.
I gt tht already and i must say, it's really nice.
I wnt to show it off.

So yeah, couldn't find anything like, at all.
Robinsons, there was a couple numerous nice clothes and now, i'm actually tyring to rmmbr why the hell i didn't consider in actually PURCHASING it.
Then ronda ronda and gt tired.
So, moved on to Midvalley.
Shizzles, there pun takde apaapa.

I mean, i think this is God's little way of saying i should stop buying anything fr the moment and spare fr the poor instead.
Listen, I'm all fr the poor and my mum, during this Ramadhan month and well, throughout all year, has been like, Santa Clause.
Seriously, besides giving out clothes (worn out ones but still are in mint condition), she gives out toys cause we hv a toyroom when we were small and had like a kajillion toys but it has now (sorta) converted into a study.
They're still are toys, though.
But we're working on disposing and giving them out all.
SO my mum has a heart of gold.
Nt just because i've lived with her fr the past 14 years but really, she IS one hell of a saint when it comes to charity work.

SOOO.. where were we ?

OHCHYEAH, like i said, this is God's way of saying tht i should give it a break.
But really ?
NOW of all times ?

I slept late cause of this little thing called text messaging.
And I accidentally promised Kamar Razy i'd belanja him if 8A's is his.
Oh damn.
But tht's after raya, and by nook or by crook, i'm gng to get a lot of cash.
My so called evil plan.


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