Friday, September 14, 2007


OhMyGosh :O

I SO don't regret coming to schl today.
I loved it hellmuch.
One incident sent me to the moon.
It keeps playing in my mind, and everytime it does, a broad smile forms.
What is it you ask ?
Welllll, it involves a guy but tht's all i'm gonna tell you.
Ohmygod, the best thing ever.
Doesn't seem much but it's better than nothing and ohmygod, i gush everytime i talk abt it.
Big smiles all the wayyy.

Anyway, tht aside, we had science project which was goood.
Every group did a superb job.
That's prolly because we haven't done in a while and yeah, it felt good to do something OTHER than folio and powerpoint presentation.
Overall, fantastic day.

Ofcourse, the first incident made me so happy, it was crazily amazing.
Thank you, YOU.
You made my century.

OMG you SO did.


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