Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Hello Dear World.

So ok, let's get strtd.

First we had Science and hell, it was raining SO friggin heavy.
Like, heavy gila gila.
So yeah, we went to Makmal 4 which is way better than the makmal we always go to.
IT's much more spacious and the tables are B I G and loooong.
First time with Cikgu Mas'aud and like, he's SO much better than Azfa.
Hell better.
I mean, despite his little lack of English (which ain't all tht bad, actually), he's niiiice.
And you knw tht he understands his stuff.
Nt like our previous one -.-'
He kept apologizing and it was really funny how he speaks so me and Sarah will turn to each other and laugh quietly.
Funnnyyy but he's nice la, so far.
I liked tht he laid down the rules and showed tht he was serious when it comes to classes.

THEN, it was Geo.
Seriously wei, Cikgu Azrani is the best teacher we've had so far.
HE, too knws his stuff and you can tell tht he's really into Geo which i admire in teachers.
[ Am i being too corny ? ]
SO yeah, then it was Agama.
Rahim and Redza did their presentation and i, like always kept on asking qst's cause like, hel-lo.
A girl need answers. HAHA.

AFTER tht, we had Rehat.

Later, it was Math.
Puan Zaheera is bck to her normal self which is a huge relief.
I was scared she was gonna be like all ballistic and nvr-gonna-forgive kinda thing.
Thank God.
And she was like,

Puan Zaheera Me

EH ! Don't procrastinate ! Do your work !
Procrastinate ? Are you sure tht's the right word to use?
Cause i thought the word procrastinate meant to look down at people. HAHA, i'm lame
Hmm a ah la. salah salah. *thinks*
HAAA, teacher. Use proper english laaa.
HA, i thought i gt in the bag. BUT
EH, correct la ! Procrastinate ! Apa la youuuu. Anak murid english teacher pun tak tahuuu
Puan Z walks away to some student in desperate need fr Math help
Oh. *refers to Jei See who wasn't paying attention at all to me* Really ?

HAHAHA, so in the end, no one gave me the answer.
Pfft -.-'

Later was BM.
I came into class lmbt cause went to teman Sarah to photostat some some.
And then, everyone ws gelabah.
And Arif was looking at Cikgu's table and talking to it.
I obvs didn't knw wht was going on, so i was like, 'Wht the hell? Who're you talking to?
and Arif was nudging to Cikgu's table.
AND then i realise there was this (not so) massive bee and THEN i baru gelabah, rushing to my place, saying, 'OH SHIT !'

So, i'm off.
Loves (:

Sunday, July 29, 2007

sunday morning,

some Sunday morning.
i slept at like 2.30 lst night cause was watching Grey's with Mama and then i played against Papa fr a game of Reversi.
I won once. (:

Anyway, Papa woke me up at like 8 which bugged me.
Ugh, so now, i'm SO friggin sleepy and test is like in 2 weeks and i haven't studied a thing.
Shit -.-'
I think, one of these days, i'll head off to the library and jst sit my ass down and study.

Ystrday, my sisters weren't here.
They were off to my cousins house fr a sleepover.
So me and Mama went to OneUtama fr a short while to buy cousin's birthday and the party is today.
Nt interested AND i'm friggin tired to go and bowl -.-'
So yeah, i didn't buy much.
Jst a water bottle from Nike.
Didn't even go to the 2nd wing.

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, any one of you gng out today ?
Have fun, and a nice day, aite.


Friday, July 27, 2007

math class,

I cried fr a nanosecond, i swear. )':

Puan Zaheera's birthday but as we all know, yesterday didn't go out so well fr her and the class.
So yeah, we thought the cake, Sarah, Natrah and I bought and the beg-fr-frgiveness thing was gonna work.
WELLLLLLL, it didn't.
She went off fr like a mere 5 minutes after blowing the candles at the lab and all.
She went to the canteen fr the 'proper' celebration.
Then, came bck but nt with the ear to ear smile we were hoping fr.
She (fr the umpteenth time) sounded us.
OMG, i swear.
I hate math now.
I used to look frwrd fr math class. Like everytime tau.
Now, we're assigned to a partner. I'm with Jei See . YEAY.
So yeah, only 5 students are with Puan Zaheera.
Everyone else is paired up with another student.
No fun in math anymore.
I dnt think it's fair nor is it rational fr her to scold the whole class and of course, with the anger she's carrying, she puts it out on the nice people who shall nt be named fr good reasons.
So yeah, anyway.
I, seriously gt like, pissed off.
It's nt like she didn't say thank you fr the cake or tht wtvr crap but like, she could atleast say it with a smile.
Why the hell are you in such stress ?
Jst because some friggin student pissed you off, you don't hv to hv such hatred to others ?
I mean, c'mon.
Wht teacher doesn't like a student like Pauline ?
OMG, tht's merely impossible, ok.
You're welcome to hate tht particular student all you want, but please jst don't hate the others who hv done nothing wrong or offensive to you.
I love you, like SO much.
One of my favourite teachers.
You can't jst give us the cold shoulder everytime til the end of the year.
Forgive and forget, wht the hell happened to THAT ?
Now, she won't even want to teach us and tht's nt wht a teacher does.

PLUS, we're gonna have Mas'aud fr Science and this morning, Natrah and I named teachers who have or is in the process of getting mad with 2 Edi.
Seriously, teachers get the wrong impression of 2 Edison because a handful of people who doesn't knw the difference between a sarcastic remark AND gng overboard.
Wht ? You're too stupid, is it ?

It's ridiculous.
I loooooooooooved my math teacher.
Not so sure, now.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

hey there delilah,

Nikki gt me addicted to tht song wei.

tht's all i can sing eventhough i make up the lyrics and go with the flow.
wht shall i blog abt today eh?

Schl was nrml.
normal normal.
nothing much happened.
OH OH, math class was a bit er..
Puan Zaheera was like, blasting mad.
And i think she's got it til up there *points up to my head* with 2 Edison.
i'm nt gng to put the blame on anyone but i can come up with some few names, (;
so yeah, she kinda stormed off and didn't come bck.
nt even after paul, oh sweet paul went and invited her bck.
she refused to come in fr the day.
and guess guess.
it's her birthday tmrw.
sarah and natrah planed to buy her a cake but due to some 'issues', didn't.
nevermind, whtever -.-'

so yeah.
tht was pretty much it.
stayed til 1.30 then, went bck.
it's a good thing when your mum's a teacher.
cause like, jst nw.
some stupid Newton guys teased and kacau and i wasn't a bit scared, intimidated or wtvr but like, Mama came out from the staff room and the Newton guys, shut-ed up.
hahaha, padan muka, losers .

so yeah (:


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ily so,


god, i'm perky all of a sudden.

so hello world !
miss me ?
nah, you won't, anyway.

lama x blog.
too lazy these days.
i need some rest.
test is coming up but like i'm nt the teeniest bit worried.
HAHAHA, and so maybe this is the main reason why i dnt do well at schl.
BUT hell.

nothing to blog, like seriously.


Saturday, July 21, 2007


HI world.

it's 10 in the morning.
10.44 to me more specific.
i'm bored so wht more to kill boredom than to blog ?


was schl.
first up, we had agama.
the rhazes came in.
then we had PJ, stayed up in class, was too lazy to go *exercise* besides i didn't bring my PJ attire AND the teacher is cool with it.
she prolly doesn't knw my name -.-'
and then, we had mathematics.
did some work.
OMG wei, i LOOOOOOVE geometrical construction. it's like the easiest out of all the topics in MATHS form 2.
and ofcourse, it involves angles which is also my super duper favourite cause i was doing it like like every other day, lst year.
not literally la.
tht's crazy talk. :D
so then, we had BM.
went to Bilik Tayangan.
2 teams presented.
both were syair related.
thnk god, i didn't pick tht one.
otherwise, we would have to sing in tht ridiculous tone fr syair.
besides, i'd have TengkuZubaidah irritate me and saying i was doing the whole thing wrong.
AND she'd sing it fr the class.
c'mon, she doesn't hv the nice of a voice which she THINKS she has.

so then, went bck.

and the next day, (which is today bytheway) i got up at abt 10.
only my maid and my 2 sisters were up.
parents were still sleeping cause they were out last night fr some dinner.

OK, i suddenly hv a headache and i need my breakfast, like NOW.
OH damn.


Thursday, July 19, 2007


a big humongous HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY ! to you.

thnks fr being such an amazing friend and i really appreciate everything you've done fr me and even though i've known you fr like, 7 months, i really do love you (:

THANKS dear.

So yeah, today.
nothing much happened.
tugas at the co op.

surprised Karen, Diyana and Kaveetha by the end of schl time.
Karen's birthday is today, Diyana, this Saturday and Kav's was on Tuesday.
So love and wishes to you all (:

didn't go out too well cause kecoh gl.
but i think Karen knew the hype which always happen to everyone.
but never mind, we love her so we gt her one.
Put Kaveetha's name on it as well and she didn't knw.
Me and Nikki were behind it all.
As for Diyana, well, she actually frgt her birthday.

But all well, love them all and wish them a fantastic life fr the years ahead. (tht sounded so corny, but WTH)


Tuesday, July 17, 2007


all are from the latest season, Resort 2008


NEXT, Stella McCartney, people !

Save the best fr last, by Louis Vuitton which was designed by the ever so awesome, MarcJacobs. Yeah, i knw my thing (:

LIKE OMG, how chic can this LouisVuitton LBD be ?
i waaaaaaaaaant but obvs, i can't.

Courtesy of style.com
go go go if you're a fashion enthusiast as lil ol me.


favourite girl,

Just something from SweetEscape.

jst came bck from schl.
nothing much happened.
we didn't even go up to class like, AT ALL!

First we had science, so to the lab, we were off.
salin some notes (as usual) and then we had BM and we had to go to MAKMAL CYBER.
OMG. damn tiring wei.
me and sarah had to go up and down.
mostly her but i had so many things in my hands and had to help Ms Afizah.
nvm nvm, i'm a gooooood girl (:

and then after tht, we had break.
after recess, we had maths so we went to the lab, schl bags still in hand.
english up next.
went to makmal cyber and makmal tablet.

did nothing much actually.
went on myspace fr a short while.
then went bck.

went to the canteen til like 1.50 and by 2 i'm leaving schl.

boring wei.
i need extraordinary things to happen.


oh and bfr i leave, wanna post up some awesome fashion designs.

the blcks are from OscarDeLaRenta one of my all time favourite designer. Period.


Sunday, July 15, 2007


i am so bored these past few days.
nt gng anywhere wei.
AND test is cmg up.
shit, tak study pun.
only a lil bit of maths.
OMG, i need to buckle up fr sejarah.

prefects dinner was lst night.
MAMA was supposed to go but totally frgt.
i SO wnted to go wei.
but surprise, surprise.
i'm nt a friggin prefect.
if only they wouldnt force the malay pengawas girls to wear tudung.
bloody hell. );

anywayyyy, whoever is a prefect, (cough*karen*cough) pleaseee oh pretty please post picturesss.
i wanna see.
it's prolly the slosest thing i'll ever get to seeing how it was.

anyway, i'm off to bathe and then watch Gol&Gincu .
tmrw's schl.
hell yeah :D

nowadays, schl has more excitement (whtever excitement tht is) then at home.
i hardly go out these days.
soo, anyone up fr another round of TRANSFORMERS ?

harrypotter, bluegh.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007


my brother's birthday but like, by the time he's SUPPOSED to blow out the candles on his cake, he was in a friggin bad mood and the kind of attitude saved fr a supermodel. So yeah, he just wasted his 13th Birthday. Too bad fr him.
Schl's schl.
I kinda look frward to it y'knw.
dnt knw why, to be honest.
mum's nt going to be around fr the whole week so i hv to stay back til 2.30 to 3 which sucks big time cause no one's gng to be around.
So i usually head to the canteen and now, buying BigBite is nerve wrecking when the guys are around.
So yeah, strtd off with sejarah.
seriously, who was tht smart to arrange sejarah to be the first period.
well, atleast it's nt the last period.
tht would suck biggie.
later tht, was BM.
TengkuZubaidah is cuckoo wei.
Sometimes she's ok but like other times, she's jst so er.. 'mad' at little things.
Sarah, Redza and I tugas fr the co-op.
Nothing fantastic happened.
BUT later la, when nak habis dah, Hanyang damn funny wei.
Made an excellent impersonation of Mr.Yew.
Friggin hillarious.
Me and Sarah were laughing like there's no tmrw.
HAHA, tht bad.

Science was next.
Seriousy, i hope Datin will consider the matter of changing our science teacher.
And i can tell some people in th class is a bit scared of the unknown reaction of Datin.
But like, she's nt going to chop off our heads riiiiight ?
So like, ever Sarah had her moment of doubt.
I mean, COME ON.
Get a grip on.
Datin is jst the principal.
She's nt the Queen.
She'll jst prolly read the letter and MAYBE jst maybe consider to change our teachers.
But like, if takboleh then it'sokay la.
We wnt cry like little kids.
So fr those who hv secound doubts and is shit scared of wht Datin is gng to say after reading the letter, dnt worry.
Just point it to me and said tht i did the whole letter thing.
But fr those who are on my side completely, would you oh-so kindly stick with me and back me up when things go wrong.
I will LOVE you fr tht.
Not tht i dont already with you guys signing tht letter.

SO ok.
Moving on.
After Science was KH.
KH, teacher wasn't around so was considered free period and everyone had to go down to the library but a cpl of ppl had to stay up in class to complete Geo notes and WennHong brought up the guitar so he strtd playing and soon after, Nikki came up and SHE strtd to play and being the guitar genious she is, she played.
A few notes and some singing later, the song SweetEscape came up and y'knw tht part tht goes so fast you can only say badababababbududu ?
ALA, the one yg strts with ' cause i've been acting _______________' ?
yeah THAT one, well Pauline nailed it wei.
Everyone was like, WOAH.
I can't do it y'knw.

So then we had 9P but Cikgu Azrani isn't around so tht kinda means no 9P la.
Went down when the form1's came up.
SOOOOO cute wei them.
Esp the guy yg Karen pointed at.
OMG, so smalllll.
And very nerdy which makes it MORE cuter.

Went down, bought BigBite, ate.
'THEM' again.
Yeah, the 'them' kept looking.
Damn awkward wei.


So as everyone went off fr home and etc. i had no one to eat my icecream with so jst so happen, Ashley was there.
Love herr. <3
Gossiped abt everyone.
and when i say everyone, i really do mean, 'EVERYONE'.
had fun.
should do tht more often, kan Ashley ?
Some form4's came.
Nice bunch of girls.
And MAMA came.
Surprised actually.
Thought she was gonna come lambat-er.
But hell.

So after tht, went to OU but parking was hell and couldn't find one so gave up and in the end, i jst went down to get g'mum and we were off.

LAAAAAAATER, 9 pm came and tuition ws on.
Went, shared laughs with Vinoda.

Came home, and i'm on the web.

I'm sleepy actually and i've but Big Girls Don't Cry on repeat cause i abso-friggin-lutely love this song.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


HAHA, i gt the tickets fr harrypotter and the movie is showing tmrw.
but mama booked fr Friday, 3pm.
LIKE o m g.
i'm SOOOOOO excited.
it's 5 seats from the screen which sucks la but hell. i love harrypotter and i'd do anything to watch this one.

so tday.
went to schl.
was there early cause mum had t go to some schl fr some oral thingymabob so her classes wnt have her fr the rest of the week.
best (:
but sucky la cause hv to wait fr a long time til she comes and fetch me which is til 3.
nothing to do at schl wei.
so yeah, moving on.
we were supposed to have our BM presentation but cancelled at the lst minute fr god knws wht.
THEN we had oral presentation.
damn, we were nervouuuuus.
but like, ok la.
it's now done.
HA, breathe a sight of relief.

sooooooooooo, something happened at the canteen with the form3 guys.
so whtever la them.
buy big bite pun like wht only.

6.30. went to oneutama.
ate Nando's fr dinner with gparents, mum and sister.
went to go buy tickets (YEAY!) and went to topshop skjp but mum wasn't there and i'm nt abt to spend MY cash.
HAHAHA, so friggin kedekut la me.
saw this really really pretty skirt.
was pink, and y'knw, very 'gedik' but was very pretty and sweet.
wanted to go ZARA but was in a hurry so i'll jst wait til this friday fr when i'm gng to HARRYPOTTER.
and now.
i need sleep.
my left eye is feeling the tiredness already.
my right eye, perfect.

HAHA, making no sense whtsoever.


Sunday, July 8, 2007


s'okay, this post is supposed to be before the post, 'transformers,' but was too lazy to y'knw edit and all.

this was on a friday, BTW.

lights, camera, ACTION !

O to the MG.
Transformers has got to be one of the most fantastic movies ever made in history.
Well, to me of course.

Didn’t go to well for me from the beginning of the day.
First, I lost my topshop purse that I bring everyday to school and we were already late so I had to search it frantically which sucks big time.
So we didn’t have any time so I was forced to just leave it behind, wherever it was, and I just put on one of my mum’s watch which I didn’t like. Pfft.

So then went to school and with my letter of protest (science related) and got some disagreements from some of my classmates which I totally don’t understand why.
I mean, like, you have to admit, our previous science teacher is hell better than our current one and all of us without any doubt would want her back and learn Science the right way.

And it’s not like it’s anything personal, heck, she actually said she preferred the behind class better than ours and it’s all because we don’t listen to her.
Like, er.. hel-lo.
It’s not like we can hear her anyway. Her voice is as gentle and small as a friggin’ cat.
And to hell the excuse of, ‘Ala, just give her a chance. She’s new, you know.’ YES, I know, people.
But I don’t think that’s a factor nor is it an excuse. I mean, look at our geography teacher.
Isn’t he new too ? But, hands down, he has got to be our best geography teacher so far.
And like, it’s not our fault we tend to get noisy in her class.
It’s not like she goes through any effort to shut us the hell up.
And she can’t even speak English which mind you, plays a big part in being a Maths and Science teacher.
And all we do in class is copy whatever she writes on the board, which she provides very minimal explanation, and that’s it. Class is done. Science is practically like a free period.
And she gets paid for that ?!

God, and I still don’t understand why some of my classmates won’t sign the protest.
I mean, is their status all they care ?
They’re too afraid, that’s why.
I mean, what is there to be scared of anyway ?
It’s not like the principal is going to fire them from being a prefect (oopsie daisy)
It’s not like she’s going to chop our heads off or force us to run around the field 20 times, NAKED.
If the principal doesn’t give us Miss Anniza back, then ok la. It’s a ‘no’, so what ?
What’s so scary about that.
We’re not going to cry or scream.
Atleast we asked kan ?
There’s no harm to voice our concerns and dissatisfication in that, is there ?
Eventhough it’s little, but we did pay to be in this school and we do have a right to do this.
And to whomever it may concern, I love you, really I do but some things in life you just have to face and this may sound selfish but you must make yourself number one priority and know what’s good for you and sometimes yes, it can be very hard but hey, face it.

So that kinda made me pissed off the whole day.

Came back. Slept for a couple of (good) hours and went off to watch Transformers.

BLOODY fantastic weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

I’ve never been so interested in robots like, ever.

I love you Shia LaBeouf and Josh Duhamel (:


Saturday, July 7, 2007


first, lemme say sorry fr the late update.
internet was weird out these couple of days.

so, on friday, i watched transformers at oneutama.
and omg.
it's like, the best ever movie made in mankind like seriously.
no joke.
the best !
shia is hot, so is josh duhamel.
and like, i'm in love with transformers tau.
like gl gl !
i love bumblebeee !
and and optimus prime.
and and tht other one.
frgt the name.
pfft, but like to those who hasn't watched it yet, i recommend you go watch like immediately.
like now if can, after reading this blog.


so i'm bck from the KLIA airport.
went to fetch my grandmum who jst gt bck from england.
damn, she bought me like the nicest/prettiest clothes and i love love it.

OH, and i gt my Anya Hindmarch bag alreadyyy !
life's going good, i must say.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

big girls dnt cry,

HAHA, dnt knw why.
jst felt the urge to blog.
well so technically (heading related) i'm nt tht big.
i mean, i'm only 14.
so tht means i'm considered juniors in everything.
and i'm nt tht tall neither am i fat.
so yeah, should be, 'small girls cry a lot'
HAHA, damn, i talk crap lots.

OOOOOH, jst nw riiiight, mama told me tht Anya Hindmarch boutique called me abt the 'I'm Not A Plastic Bag' bag.
and and and and it has arrived weii !
OMG, i loooooooove it.
thnk god, mama has already reserved 2.
one fr me and one fr my sister.
so all we hv to do is go and collect it from KLCC.
excited much.

AND it's a beauty wei.
Audrey and Aishah asked me abt it already.
i'm sure they'll get fr themselves too (:

cnt wait.


Tuesday, July 3, 2007


i read like, your earlier January posts and thnks fr mentioning me bnyk kali.
and the early birthday wish.
i didn't have a post bck then so i didn't knw.
and like, kudos to you rmmbring EVERYONE'S birthdays.
i mean, seriously.
memory damn awesome wei.
no wonder la so clever.
HAHA, (:


p/s: random post, dnt knw why post this up, but hell, i can do wtvr i want (:


ugh, seriously.
my sleeping pattern is so nt healthy which actually is a worrying matter.
Goddammit, i dnt want to get friggin eyebags by 14 !
Hish, no i mean, schls VERY tiring, and everytime i come bck, i'm always super duper sleepy and i sleep fr like 3 hours at the least and then by night, i cnt sleep pulak.
it's so annoying tauu.
So whtever la. Let's move on shall we.

Schl strtd, we learned SOME things, came bck, slept, bathe, blogging.
HAHA, so boring one my life.
'Huraikan' la.
Soooo, schl strtd blah blah blah, i gt to tugas at the co-op.
sikit gl la the fooood.
Bloody hell.
So yeah, went to maths room and a big commotion.
pn zaheera went ultra 'HULK' wei.
She was friggin pissed at Rahim fr Godknwswht reason.
and i think it's just huge misunderstanding la.
puan zaheera didn't get it.

ANYWAY, moving on.
Did i mention we, 2 Edisoners gt like, the worst Science teacher. like ever ?
seriously wei, even Pauline, the most rajin-ess student there doesnt pay attention.
How do you expect US to understand.
first and foremost, she cant friggin speak english wei.
She has the vocab of mainly, 'OK, class, quiet.'
or or or, 'Sit down, (insert students name here)'
OR, 'OK, take note, take note,'
like o m g.
might as well be a secretary laaaa.
it kinda annoys me la cause my mum said only one girl is in form6.
and they want to take MissAnniza FULLTIME fr that ?!
seriously, the schl admin has to do something abt it.
PFFT, schl, PFFT.

So yeah, wanna write a letter in a form of complaint to the Datin.
And blahblahblah.
I mean atleast if the form6/the girl needs her THAT bad, then promise us we get her bck if ever tht form 6 decides to go off.

So yeah, tht's abt it.
I totally frgt any homework tht we hv to do.
Maybe there isn't any.


Monday, July 2, 2007

i wish,

Hello citizens.
So ok, today is a Monday.
Perhimpunan day.
Nothing much actually today.
Gave Karen her birthday present.
I hope she likes it though, hmm.

So yeah, went to Myra's house at abt er.. 5 something.
SO friggin hot so went to McD fr a bit to buy icecreams (:
THEN, off we went to Myra's house.
We gave her her presents.
From us and Misha.
She liked ours, i think.

So chat chat chat and i personally think Myra's new haircut is awesomely awesome.
I mean, nt tht horrible as she mentioned.
Nicer than mine, well..
actually tak, but hey, you'll say tht too kan.
so HA-HA to you.

After tht, went to Tesco to buy some groceries.
Oooh, big joy -.-'

But hell.
Sarah ajak go to the GirlGuides Dinner.
But like, i'm nt even PP so tht kinda makes me an outsider.
Next year, i'm gonna join PP so then x la cam weird kan Kan KAN ?

I'm thinking to change hairstyles tmrw kut.
everyother day.
today was the Valentino with a ponytail.
Tmrw am trying (attempting) to do this instead.
Yes, TRY.

Nice riiiiiiiiight ?