Tuesday, July 3, 2007


ugh, seriously.
my sleeping pattern is so nt healthy which actually is a worrying matter.
Goddammit, i dnt want to get friggin eyebags by 14 !
Hish, no i mean, schls VERY tiring, and everytime i come bck, i'm always super duper sleepy and i sleep fr like 3 hours at the least and then by night, i cnt sleep pulak.
it's so annoying tauu.
So whtever la. Let's move on shall we.

Schl strtd, we learned SOME things, came bck, slept, bathe, blogging.
HAHA, so boring one my life.
'Huraikan' la.
Soooo, schl strtd blah blah blah, i gt to tugas at the co-op.
sikit gl la the fooood.
Bloody hell.
So yeah, went to maths room and a big commotion.
pn zaheera went ultra 'HULK' wei.
She was friggin pissed at Rahim fr Godknwswht reason.
and i think it's just huge misunderstanding la.
puan zaheera didn't get it.

ANYWAY, moving on.
Did i mention we, 2 Edisoners gt like, the worst Science teacher. like ever ?
seriously wei, even Pauline, the most rajin-ess student there doesnt pay attention.
How do you expect US to understand.
first and foremost, she cant friggin speak english wei.
She has the vocab of mainly, 'OK, class, quiet.'
or or or, 'Sit down, (insert students name here)'
OR, 'OK, take note, take note,'
like o m g.
might as well be a secretary laaaa.
it kinda annoys me la cause my mum said only one girl is in form6.
and they want to take MissAnniza FULLTIME fr that ?!
seriously, the schl admin has to do something abt it.
PFFT, schl, PFFT.

So yeah, wanna write a letter in a form of complaint to the Datin.
And blahblahblah.
I mean atleast if the form6/the girl needs her THAT bad, then promise us we get her bck if ever tht form 6 decides to go off.

So yeah, tht's abt it.
I totally frgt any homework tht we hv to do.
Maybe there isn't any.


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