Sunday, July 29, 2007

sunday morning,

some Sunday morning.
i slept at like 2.30 lst night cause was watching Grey's with Mama and then i played against Papa fr a game of Reversi.
I won once. (:

Anyway, Papa woke me up at like 8 which bugged me.
Ugh, so now, i'm SO friggin sleepy and test is like in 2 weeks and i haven't studied a thing.
Shit -.-'
I think, one of these days, i'll head off to the library and jst sit my ass down and study.

Ystrday, my sisters weren't here.
They were off to my cousins house fr a sleepover.
So me and Mama went to OneUtama fr a short while to buy cousin's birthday and the party is today.
Nt interested AND i'm friggin tired to go and bowl -.-'
So yeah, i didn't buy much.
Jst a water bottle from Nike.
Didn't even go to the 2nd wing.

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, any one of you gng out today ?
Have fun, and a nice day, aite.


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