Sunday, July 8, 2007


s'okay, this post is supposed to be before the post, 'transformers,' but was too lazy to y'knw edit and all.

this was on a friday, BTW.

lights, camera, ACTION !

O to the MG.
Transformers has got to be one of the most fantastic movies ever made in history.
Well, to me of course.

Didn’t go to well for me from the beginning of the day.
First, I lost my topshop purse that I bring everyday to school and we were already late so I had to search it frantically which sucks big time.
So we didn’t have any time so I was forced to just leave it behind, wherever it was, and I just put on one of my mum’s watch which I didn’t like. Pfft.

So then went to school and with my letter of protest (science related) and got some disagreements from some of my classmates which I totally don’t understand why.
I mean, like, you have to admit, our previous science teacher is hell better than our current one and all of us without any doubt would want her back and learn Science the right way.

And it’s not like it’s anything personal, heck, she actually said she preferred the behind class better than ours and it’s all because we don’t listen to her.
Like, er.. hel-lo.
It’s not like we can hear her anyway. Her voice is as gentle and small as a friggin’ cat.
And to hell the excuse of, ‘Ala, just give her a chance. She’s new, you know.’ YES, I know, people.
But I don’t think that’s a factor nor is it an excuse. I mean, look at our geography teacher.
Isn’t he new too ? But, hands down, he has got to be our best geography teacher so far.
And like, it’s not our fault we tend to get noisy in her class.
It’s not like she goes through any effort to shut us the hell up.
And she can’t even speak English which mind you, plays a big part in being a Maths and Science teacher.
And all we do in class is copy whatever she writes on the board, which she provides very minimal explanation, and that’s it. Class is done. Science is practically like a free period.
And she gets paid for that ?!

God, and I still don’t understand why some of my classmates won’t sign the protest.
I mean, is their status all they care ?
They’re too afraid, that’s why.
I mean, what is there to be scared of anyway ?
It’s not like the principal is going to fire them from being a prefect (oopsie daisy)
It’s not like she’s going to chop our heads off or force us to run around the field 20 times, NAKED.
If the principal doesn’t give us Miss Anniza back, then ok la. It’s a ‘no’, so what ?
What’s so scary about that.
We’re not going to cry or scream.
Atleast we asked kan ?
There’s no harm to voice our concerns and dissatisfication in that, is there ?
Eventhough it’s little, but we did pay to be in this school and we do have a right to do this.
And to whomever it may concern, I love you, really I do but some things in life you just have to face and this may sound selfish but you must make yourself number one priority and know what’s good for you and sometimes yes, it can be very hard but hey, face it.

So that kinda made me pissed off the whole day.

Came back. Slept for a couple of (good) hours and went off to watch Transformers.

BLOODY fantastic weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

I’ve never been so interested in robots like, ever.

I love you Shia LaBeouf and Josh Duhamel (:


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