Friday, July 27, 2007

math class,

I cried fr a nanosecond, i swear. )':

Puan Zaheera's birthday but as we all know, yesterday didn't go out so well fr her and the class.
So yeah, we thought the cake, Sarah, Natrah and I bought and the beg-fr-frgiveness thing was gonna work.
WELLLLLLL, it didn't.
She went off fr like a mere 5 minutes after blowing the candles at the lab and all.
She went to the canteen fr the 'proper' celebration.
Then, came bck but nt with the ear to ear smile we were hoping fr.
She (fr the umpteenth time) sounded us.
OMG, i swear.
I hate math now.
I used to look frwrd fr math class. Like everytime tau.
Now, we're assigned to a partner. I'm with Jei See . YEAY.
So yeah, only 5 students are with Puan Zaheera.
Everyone else is paired up with another student.
No fun in math anymore.
I dnt think it's fair nor is it rational fr her to scold the whole class and of course, with the anger she's carrying, she puts it out on the nice people who shall nt be named fr good reasons.
So yeah, anyway.
I, seriously gt like, pissed off.
It's nt like she didn't say thank you fr the cake or tht wtvr crap but like, she could atleast say it with a smile.
Why the hell are you in such stress ?
Jst because some friggin student pissed you off, you don't hv to hv such hatred to others ?
I mean, c'mon.
Wht teacher doesn't like a student like Pauline ?
OMG, tht's merely impossible, ok.
You're welcome to hate tht particular student all you want, but please jst don't hate the others who hv done nothing wrong or offensive to you.
I love you, like SO much.
One of my favourite teachers.
You can't jst give us the cold shoulder everytime til the end of the year.
Forgive and forget, wht the hell happened to THAT ?
Now, she won't even want to teach us and tht's nt wht a teacher does.

PLUS, we're gonna have Mas'aud fr Science and this morning, Natrah and I named teachers who have or is in the process of getting mad with 2 Edi.
Seriously, teachers get the wrong impression of 2 Edison because a handful of people who doesn't knw the difference between a sarcastic remark AND gng overboard.
Wht ? You're too stupid, is it ?

It's ridiculous.
I loooooooooooved my math teacher.
Not so sure, now.


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