Wednesday, July 11, 2007


my brother's birthday but like, by the time he's SUPPOSED to blow out the candles on his cake, he was in a friggin bad mood and the kind of attitude saved fr a supermodel. So yeah, he just wasted his 13th Birthday. Too bad fr him.
Schl's schl.
I kinda look frward to it y'knw.
dnt knw why, to be honest.
mum's nt going to be around fr the whole week so i hv to stay back til 2.30 to 3 which sucks big time cause no one's gng to be around.
So i usually head to the canteen and now, buying BigBite is nerve wrecking when the guys are around.
So yeah, strtd off with sejarah.
seriously, who was tht smart to arrange sejarah to be the first period.
well, atleast it's nt the last period.
tht would suck biggie.
later tht, was BM.
TengkuZubaidah is cuckoo wei.
Sometimes she's ok but like other times, she's jst so er.. 'mad' at little things.
Sarah, Redza and I tugas fr the co-op.
Nothing fantastic happened.
BUT later la, when nak habis dah, Hanyang damn funny wei.
Made an excellent impersonation of Mr.Yew.
Friggin hillarious.
Me and Sarah were laughing like there's no tmrw.
HAHA, tht bad.

Science was next.
Seriousy, i hope Datin will consider the matter of changing our science teacher.
And i can tell some people in th class is a bit scared of the unknown reaction of Datin.
But like, she's nt going to chop off our heads riiiiight ?
So like, ever Sarah had her moment of doubt.
I mean, COME ON.
Get a grip on.
Datin is jst the principal.
She's nt the Queen.
She'll jst prolly read the letter and MAYBE jst maybe consider to change our teachers.
But like, if takboleh then it'sokay la.
We wnt cry like little kids.
So fr those who hv secound doubts and is shit scared of wht Datin is gng to say after reading the letter, dnt worry.
Just point it to me and said tht i did the whole letter thing.
But fr those who are on my side completely, would you oh-so kindly stick with me and back me up when things go wrong.
I will LOVE you fr tht.
Not tht i dont already with you guys signing tht letter.

SO ok.
Moving on.
After Science was KH.
KH, teacher wasn't around so was considered free period and everyone had to go down to the library but a cpl of ppl had to stay up in class to complete Geo notes and WennHong brought up the guitar so he strtd playing and soon after, Nikki came up and SHE strtd to play and being the guitar genious she is, she played.
A few notes and some singing later, the song SweetEscape came up and y'knw tht part tht goes so fast you can only say badababababbududu ?
ALA, the one yg strts with ' cause i've been acting _______________' ?
yeah THAT one, well Pauline nailed it wei.
Everyone was like, WOAH.
I can't do it y'knw.

So then we had 9P but Cikgu Azrani isn't around so tht kinda means no 9P la.
Went down when the form1's came up.
SOOOOO cute wei them.
Esp the guy yg Karen pointed at.
OMG, so smalllll.
And very nerdy which makes it MORE cuter.

Went down, bought BigBite, ate.
'THEM' again.
Yeah, the 'them' kept looking.
Damn awkward wei.


So as everyone went off fr home and etc. i had no one to eat my icecream with so jst so happen, Ashley was there.
Love herr. <3
Gossiped abt everyone.
and when i say everyone, i really do mean, 'EVERYONE'.
had fun.
should do tht more often, kan Ashley ?
Some form4's came.
Nice bunch of girls.
And MAMA came.
Surprised actually.
Thought she was gonna come lambat-er.
But hell.

So after tht, went to OU but parking was hell and couldn't find one so gave up and in the end, i jst went down to get g'mum and we were off.

LAAAAAAATER, 9 pm came and tuition ws on.
Went, shared laughs with Vinoda.

Came home, and i'm on the web.

I'm sleepy actually and i've but Big Girls Don't Cry on repeat cause i abso-friggin-lutely love this song.


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