Thursday, July 26, 2007

hey there delilah,

Nikki gt me addicted to tht song wei.

tht's all i can sing eventhough i make up the lyrics and go with the flow.
wht shall i blog abt today eh?

Schl was nrml.
normal normal.
nothing much happened.
OH OH, math class was a bit er..
Puan Zaheera was like, blasting mad.
And i think she's got it til up there *points up to my head* with 2 Edison.
i'm nt gng to put the blame on anyone but i can come up with some few names, (;
so yeah, she kinda stormed off and didn't come bck.
nt even after paul, oh sweet paul went and invited her bck.
she refused to come in fr the day.
and guess guess.
it's her birthday tmrw.
sarah and natrah planed to buy her a cake but due to some 'issues', didn't.
nevermind, whtever -.-'

so yeah.
tht was pretty much it.
stayed til 1.30 then, went bck.
it's a good thing when your mum's a teacher.
cause like, jst nw.
some stupid Newton guys teased and kacau and i wasn't a bit scared, intimidated or wtvr but like, Mama came out from the staff room and the Newton guys, shut-ed up.
hahaha, padan muka, losers .

so yeah (:


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