Saturday, July 7, 2007


first, lemme say sorry fr the late update.
internet was weird out these couple of days.

so, on friday, i watched transformers at oneutama.
and omg.
it's like, the best ever movie made in mankind like seriously.
no joke.
the best !
shia is hot, so is josh duhamel.
and like, i'm in love with transformers tau.
like gl gl !
i love bumblebeee !
and and optimus prime.
and and tht other one.
frgt the name.
pfft, but like to those who hasn't watched it yet, i recommend you go watch like immediately.
like now if can, after reading this blog.


so i'm bck from the KLIA airport.
went to fetch my grandmum who jst gt bck from england.
damn, she bought me like the nicest/prettiest clothes and i love love it.

OH, and i gt my Anya Hindmarch bag alreadyyy !
life's going good, i must say.


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