Tuesday, July 10, 2007


HAHA, i gt the tickets fr harrypotter and the movie is showing tmrw.
but mama booked fr Friday, 3pm.
LIKE o m g.
i'm SOOOOOO excited.
it's 5 seats from the screen which sucks la but hell. i love harrypotter and i'd do anything to watch this one.

so tday.
went to schl.
was there early cause mum had t go to some schl fr some oral thingymabob so her classes wnt have her fr the rest of the week.
best (:
but sucky la cause hv to wait fr a long time til she comes and fetch me which is til 3.
nothing to do at schl wei.
so yeah, moving on.
we were supposed to have our BM presentation but cancelled at the lst minute fr god knws wht.
THEN we had oral presentation.
damn, we were nervouuuuus.
but like, ok la.
it's now done.
HA, breathe a sight of relief.

sooooooooooo, something happened at the canteen with the form3 guys.
so whtever la them.
buy big bite pun like wht only.

6.30. went to oneutama.
ate Nando's fr dinner with gparents, mum and sister.
went to go buy tickets (YEAY!) and went to topshop skjp but mum wasn't there and i'm nt abt to spend MY cash.
HAHAHA, so friggin kedekut la me.
saw this really really pretty skirt.
was pink, and y'knw, very 'gedik' but was very pretty and sweet.
wanted to go ZARA but was in a hurry so i'll jst wait til this friday fr when i'm gng to HARRYPOTTER.
and now.
i need sleep.
my left eye is feeling the tiredness already.
my right eye, perfect.

HAHA, making no sense whtsoever.


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