Saturday, July 21, 2007


HI world.

it's 10 in the morning.
10.44 to me more specific.
i'm bored so wht more to kill boredom than to blog ?


was schl.
first up, we had agama.
the rhazes came in.
then we had PJ, stayed up in class, was too lazy to go *exercise* besides i didn't bring my PJ attire AND the teacher is cool with it.
she prolly doesn't knw my name -.-'
and then, we had mathematics.
did some work.
OMG wei, i LOOOOOOVE geometrical construction. it's like the easiest out of all the topics in MATHS form 2.
and ofcourse, it involves angles which is also my super duper favourite cause i was doing it like like every other day, lst year.
not literally la.
tht's crazy talk. :D
so then, we had BM.
went to Bilik Tayangan.
2 teams presented.
both were syair related.
thnk god, i didn't pick tht one.
otherwise, we would have to sing in tht ridiculous tone fr syair.
besides, i'd have TengkuZubaidah irritate me and saying i was doing the whole thing wrong.
AND she'd sing it fr the class.
c'mon, she doesn't hv the nice of a voice which she THINKS she has.

so then, went bck.

and the next day, (which is today bytheway) i got up at abt 10.
only my maid and my 2 sisters were up.
parents were still sleeping cause they were out last night fr some dinner.

OK, i suddenly hv a headache and i need my breakfast, like NOW.
OH damn.


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