Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Hello Dear World.

So ok, let's get strtd.

First we had Science and hell, it was raining SO friggin heavy.
Like, heavy gila gila.
So yeah, we went to Makmal 4 which is way better than the makmal we always go to.
IT's much more spacious and the tables are B I G and loooong.
First time with Cikgu Mas'aud and like, he's SO much better than Azfa.
Hell better.
I mean, despite his little lack of English (which ain't all tht bad, actually), he's niiiice.
And you knw tht he understands his stuff.
Nt like our previous one -.-'
He kept apologizing and it was really funny how he speaks so me and Sarah will turn to each other and laugh quietly.
Funnnyyy but he's nice la, so far.
I liked tht he laid down the rules and showed tht he was serious when it comes to classes.

THEN, it was Geo.
Seriously wei, Cikgu Azrani is the best teacher we've had so far.
HE, too knws his stuff and you can tell tht he's really into Geo which i admire in teachers.
[ Am i being too corny ? ]
SO yeah, then it was Agama.
Rahim and Redza did their presentation and i, like always kept on asking qst's cause like, hel-lo.
A girl need answers. HAHA.

AFTER tht, we had Rehat.

Later, it was Math.
Puan Zaheera is bck to her normal self which is a huge relief.
I was scared she was gonna be like all ballistic and nvr-gonna-forgive kinda thing.
Thank God.
And she was like,

Puan Zaheera Me

EH ! Don't procrastinate ! Do your work !
Procrastinate ? Are you sure tht's the right word to use?
Cause i thought the word procrastinate meant to look down at people. HAHA, i'm lame
Hmm a ah la. salah salah. *thinks*
HAAA, teacher. Use proper english laaa.
HA, i thought i gt in the bag. BUT
EH, correct la ! Procrastinate ! Apa la youuuu. Anak murid english teacher pun tak tahuuu
Puan Z walks away to some student in desperate need fr Math help
Oh. *refers to Jei See who wasn't paying attention at all to me* Really ?

HAHAHA, so in the end, no one gave me the answer.
Pfft -.-'

Later was BM.
I came into class lmbt cause went to teman Sarah to photostat some some.
And then, everyone ws gelabah.
And Arif was looking at Cikgu's table and talking to it.
I obvs didn't knw wht was going on, so i was like, 'Wht the hell? Who're you talking to?
and Arif was nudging to Cikgu's table.
AND then i realise there was this (not so) massive bee and THEN i baru gelabah, rushing to my place, saying, 'OH SHIT !'

So, i'm off.
Loves (:

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