Monday, July 2, 2007

i wish,

Hello citizens.
So ok, today is a Monday.
Perhimpunan day.
Nothing much actually today.
Gave Karen her birthday present.
I hope she likes it though, hmm.

So yeah, went to Myra's house at abt er.. 5 something.
SO friggin hot so went to McD fr a bit to buy icecreams (:
THEN, off we went to Myra's house.
We gave her her presents.
From us and Misha.
She liked ours, i think.

So chat chat chat and i personally think Myra's new haircut is awesomely awesome.
I mean, nt tht horrible as she mentioned.
Nicer than mine, well..
actually tak, but hey, you'll say tht too kan.
so HA-HA to you.

After tht, went to Tesco to buy some groceries.
Oooh, big joy -.-'

But hell.
Sarah ajak go to the GirlGuides Dinner.
But like, i'm nt even PP so tht kinda makes me an outsider.
Next year, i'm gonna join PP so then x la cam weird kan Kan KAN ?

I'm thinking to change hairstyles tmrw kut.
everyother day.
today was the Valentino with a ponytail.
Tmrw am trying (attempting) to do this instead.
Yes, TRY.

Nice riiiiiiiiight ?


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