Saturday, June 30, 2007


you should TOTALLY hear tht sng frm Michael Buble.
up to you to choose hw to pronounce his last name, Buble.
if 'bubble' is your pick, then 'Michael Bubble' it is.

SO yeah, am on msn with a cpl of friends.
asked some ppl to go watch TRANSFORMERS tmrw.
Shira's on th list.
Fatimah- a 'maybe'
Illi- also another, 'maybe'
Amal however can't. She gt some kenduri.

SO yeah, wtvr it is, we'll be going off to watch.
cause i'm desperate to watch movies.
HARRY POTTER 5TH is comiiiiiiiing and like, OMG i'm counting dwn the days.
12 more days people !!
12 more dayyyyys.
Tht's like less than 2 weeks.

I mean, c'mon.
Who doesnt want to see the return of Harry,Hermione and Ron.
I've seen the trailer like a kajillion times.
cause i can never bring myself to stop.
which is so bad.

anywayyyy, i didn't go to schl tday.
Malas la, besides, all i'll do is sit and wait and watch parents go off.
my mum is busy with her 5 Sigma so yeah.
One of the perks of having your mum as a teacher.

Gonna go off now.


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