Saturday, June 9, 2007

2 days til schl,

yes and damnit.

seriously, dnt get me wrong.
i'm actually looking frwrd fr schl.
cause y'knw like the reasons i gave in my earlier posts.
so yeah.
but but, can the holidays extend a tad bit more longerrrrrrr ?
huh huh huh ?!
but alwells.
see, tht's nt even a word.
i made tht up.
geez, you see the long list of words tht are unexplainable silly.
like babush fr instance.
dnt ask.

i just came bck from penang today.
tired oh.
but i stayed fr like only 2 nights which is byfar my shortest stay.
cause i love love love love penang.
my 2nd home.
and will miss MakTok and PakTok terribly.

but nvm tht.
2 days til schl and i think i misplaced my NEW class timetable which means i'll be all kecoh tmrw asking almost everyone.
hahaha, NOT.

i think i'll stop here.
i'm off to watch GREY'S ANATOMY ppl !
ha, the season only I have watched.
so emm, haha to youuuuuuuuuuu.


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