Saturday, June 16, 2007


and i'm still up.
cause yeah, i slept in the afternoon and yeah, tht didnt work out so good.
Moving on.
Today i went to schl.
Bla Bla Bla.
Nothing extraordinary happened.
Oh yeah, first time with our science teacher.
One word, dude.
Omg, she can't teach.
I don't blame her fr being all new and fresh.
No wait, i DO blame her fr being new and fresh.
I mean, look at our geo teach.
He's doing fine. A bit annoying but chyeah.
Ugh, our science teacher NOW is NOTHING like our previous one.
OOOOOOOH, Miss Anniza rocks.
She rules Edisoners.
And like, you friggin understand wht she teaches.
Oh and BTW, this science teacher of ours has handwriting of a four year old.
No joke.

I came bck home, slept like a pig, cause i'm having bad sleeping schedule as you may call it.
Seriously la wei.
It's like, i'm jetlag and get this.
Speaking of which, my grandmother is going to London next Saturday.
She JUST told us.
OMG, so x fair.
i was like this, -.-"
I mean, c'mon.
What about us ?
Oh so in particular ME.
So sad.
I went to England twice.
But when i was small.
When Barbie and Spicegirls are like all the rage.
And i still rmmbr going crazy when i saw the very pink aisle kat Hamleys.
The hugest toyshop like, ever.
oh oh, AND did you knw, tht's also the home of Topshop, H&M, and Marks&Spencer.
i mean, for Gods sake, a whole friggin building is dedicated to topshop.
unfair, much?

So, yeah.
I'll go do this elsewhere.
Blurt my misery outloud i mean.


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