Friday, August 31, 2007


Karen's 100 self facts is hot right nw, some people (quite a few) have already done it so i thought it would be fun to do it. That is if i actually can THINK til 100.

1. My name has the word Zainudin twice. You see, my dad didn't like the fact tht there's a Bin and Binti in almost every name so wht he did was went to the nurse and filled out the form and wrote Nadia Zainudin, the nurse replied tht there MUST be a Bin or Binti and tht he (my dad) had to take another form and fill it out again but ofcourse my dad's a lazy bum so he didn't take another form and stayed it like tht. Hence, Nadia Zainudin Binti Zainudin.

2. I still am a fan of Barbie
3. I LOVE Disney Classics and would do (almost) anything to see one again.
4. I have a mole on my left elbow so tht's why i don't wear short sleeves out. Which is kinda depressing.
5. I have bad back acne, so tht eliminates anything bares my bck.
6. I have this thing fr punctuality and i hate being someplace late and especially in cinemas. Once the theater goes dark, i get scared.
7. I've never cursed. Suuuuure, shit and asshole comes but nvr the F Word.
8. I have different groups of friends frm different walks of life.
9. I hate Malaysia made anything. From movies to designer clothes.
10. I used to dream of becoming a singer. That didn't turn out so well when I heard myself on the recorder.
11. I want a horse so bad.
12. I used to, and still am, LOVE mermaids. Seriously, i gt it bad.
13. I'm bossy.
14. I've never gotten lower than 75 fr English.
15. My IQ is acceptionally good according to all the IQ tests i've done.
16. I hate spending money.
17. I'm nt a fan of shoes regardless of wht i say on myspace.
18. I have synus almost every night i'll go sniffling. I once thought i was allergic to nights and still think i do.
19. I have a disturbing love fr my watch. I can't bear to leave home without it and i lose it almost all the time and i go hysterical finding it. I'll even cry after 10 minutes finding it.
20. I don't have a favourite Hollywood actor/actress.
21. I despise Rempits. They're the epitome of human litter.
22. I vow to finish my homework but nvr seem to keep up.
23. When shopping, i walk fast. Like super fast like i'm rushing to somewhere when i'm not.
24. I love to eat but lucky fr me, i nvr seem to put on weight more than 45. Currently i'm at 41kg.
25. From the age of 9-11, my weight was 25-30. Not more, not less.
26. I prefer mushrooms to fishballs.
27. I freakin' hate sushi.
28. I like writing down lists. Any lists, i dnt care, i love em.
29. I used to really really love buying notebooks and pen and used to buy loads of it. But, to date, I have only managed to finish writing ONE book of all the 100s tht i own.
30. I hate animal, with the exception of horses and dolphins.
31. I fantasize BIG.
32. I am a huge fan of the Olsen twins, fashion-wise nt so much.
33. I wnt to go Europe so much.
34. I have a burning desire to learn French and Italian and I have a cpl of books on language learning.
35. I dnt brush/comb my hair.
36. I dnt hv a favourite colour.
37. I always study lst minute.
38. I always fantasize tht i am being interviewed by Oprah WInfrey.
39. It's amazing how anyone can cope with me, because I complain and whine a lot.
40. I dnt consider myself spoilt.
41. I can't draw.
42. I can't help but smiling when cute guys are around.
43. I love watching the Oscars.
44. I don't see the point in buying a thousand bucks worth of couture clothes when you can only wear once or twice.
45. I don't wear blck eyeliner, i use brown. Much more sexyy. HAHA.
46. I forge my mother's signature when it comes to schl forms.
47. I want to wear braces, yeah sure, call me crazy.
48. I hate the sentence, 'Follow Your Dreams' and 'Believe In Yourself'. It's too overused, and it's getting to the point where it's no more longer believable.
49. I can stand on my toes (literally) without help frm ballet classes.
50. The song Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross has never failed to make me cry.
51. I have always wntd to join Pilates ever since Hil Duff's weight plopped.
52. Everynight, bfr sleeping, I look into the mirror atleast 10 times.
53. I love reading books/novels. YOu just don't see me doing it cause i like to read in peace.
54. I hv always wntd to lose my voice so tht i can adopt tht husky meak voice.
55. Chanel quiltted clutch is on my WishList.
56. I love french names and plan to name one of my daughters Chanel.
57. I love junkfood. McD especially/
58. I'm posh as in, i LOVE hotels and posh dining.
59. I can't stand the sight of rubbish. And throwing litter out of the vehicle's window disgusts me.
60. I feel very guilty if i do the slightest bad thing such as writing my name on the schl's desk.
61. I have never had a crush (besides celeb's ofcourse) until NOW, when i'm 14.
62. I'm nt a fan of internet lingo.
63. I'm attracted to anything pink.
64. I spell COLOUR instead of COLOR simply because colour is wht the British use and THEY always hv it right.
65. I used to remember every line to Spice Girls' songs and i used to hv a lunchbox, tee, cd's of them.
66. I CAN be bothered with wht other people have got to say but i try (very hard) to block them out.
67. I critic a lot.
68. I may not be book smart but i'm street smart, hellyeah bby.
69. I think Veronica and Betty are pathetic fr wnting Archie Andrews.
70. I wish to have a huge Sweet16 and secretly plan it in my mind eventhough it's like, 2 yrs more.
71. Myspace is the first web i go to.
72. I pity old people so much. Like the tht WhenYou'reGone music vid by Avril. Tht old man made me cry.
73. I used to hate corn until lst yr. Now, i love it hell much.
74. I like shopping but tht doesn't mean i get everything i wnt.
75. The sound of the saxaphone is sexy to me. HAHAHA :D
76. I like wearing blck but tht doens't mean i'm goth/emo or wtvr crap.
77. I call my youngest sister 'sayang' cause she's my love.
78. I hate Meredith on Grey's cause she's too desperate.
79. Women rights are powerful.
80. I vow to have a Charitable Fashion Show when i grow up.
81. IN kitches, I tiptoe cause i hate the feeling of stepping in anything frm one grain of rice to a drop of water. I just hate it.
82. I can't cook. At all. Period.
83. I wnt to be a fashion photographer like Patrick Demarchelier who's fantastic.
84. I can't tolerate people who don't know their please's and thank you's.
85. I used to drink milk with honey in it.
86. I have a photograph of me when i was small with a wedding veil.
87. I was incredibly photogenic when i was small. Unfortunately, nt anymore.
88. I like washing my hands and tht jst so happens to be one of the symptons fr Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
89. I don't drink a lot of water which makes myself a very dehydrated girl. Damn.
90. I like buying things fr people. Just nt with my own money.
91. I love gravy.
92. I grab a TeenVogue without second thoughts everytime a new issue comes out.
93. With help from friends, i'm very very friendly. And i'm more sociable.
94. I like to swim but i always come out with purple lips.
95. I don't like the outdoors here in Malaysia thanks to the presence of mosquitoes.
96. I don't like clubs, nt like i've been to one but i dont' like the whole idea of dancing so sempit and having to shout because the musics too loud.
97. I find elevators scary eversince i was a kid because i had a scary experience when i was small when the doors closed bfr i actually gt in.
98. I love hotel rooms.
99. I read my magazines frm the bck.
100. Yes, I'm helluva friend.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007


YOU, you and YOU.

you guys can't seem to understand the time to shut the hell up, do you ?
you may be so much more intelligent than i am but atleast i knw the term 'respect' when it comes to teachers and ANYONE who's elder.

I, too don't agree with wht some of wht the elder people hv gt to say but atleast i knw when to shut up and LISTEN.

I mean, COME ON, fr God's sake, they're wht ? 10 times older ?
They are times where you jst gt to surrender and give up.
ESPECIALLY in this case which i shall nt state fr specific reasons.

SUUUUUUUUURE, you hv YOUR way, but c'mon, you're nt the only person to live in this world. There's 10 (or more) billion people with their OWN ways and their OWN opinions but tht's why this world or this country fr the least, is nt at freakin' war. Otherwise, we would be long gone lost in this world.

OR let's try this.
You have your own way and the other party has THEIR own way which he/she would want YOU to follow and respect, and if you're ultimately confident in wht YOU have gt to say, SHUT THE HELL UP.


Now GO.
SCAT to yr nearest bakery and get yrself some freakin' humble pie.


Monday, August 27, 2007

schs tdy,

but i'm nt there.

but i gt a reason, so put tht finger dowwwn.

I had to go to the Skin Specialist in Taman Tun.
Wht's the doctors name, dnt ask cause i dnt remember.
Heh, turns out i hv a burn on my nose.
From a pimple, to a burn.
Wht the hell ?
I have to put a plaster then, cause it's hideous and i'm nt gng to schl like thiiis.
So yeah, put a plaster to secure the medication or somthng like tht la.

Damn, because of this burn, my self esteem and my confidence level dropped wei.
Like, ploop
I don't go out as often.
I don't like meeting people.
It's getting on my nerve.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

schls tmrw,

and am nt looing frward to it.
WAS looking frwrd to it but nt anymore.

You don't need to knw why.

After reading Nikki's Myspace where like, everyone says their goodbye's, it kinda gets to me tht maybe, just maybe i won't see her again, y'knw.
I miss herrrrrrr. )':
It's also kinda sad to only get to knw her THIS year.
What a waste, huh ?
She's like, only the best ever, no joke.

So yeah.
Tmrw's schoooooool.
Was looking frwrd, like i said, but nt anymore cause am nt up fr it at alllllll.
I'm tired and am feeling abit unwell.
Prolly gt it frm my dad.
Shit .

Letme summarize my cuti fr you so tht you can see how YOUR holiday went better than mine.


SO ok, mama made plans fr us to go Bandung this cuti
but was cncld cause Papa was sick, as in really sick, tht he had to swallow god knows how many pills and tablets.
and he was very moody tht you had to be like those kids on Sound OF Music, what's it again ?
Van somethingsomething.
So yeah, ofcourse the first 2 days of the holidays, i didn't go anywhere at all.
My brother did, and so did my sister.
Both are younger than i am which pissed me even more.
So called my friends to plan an outing.
BUT ofcourse, my friends are well, they're them.
VERY *wait, i'm having a minor headache right nw* tak bertanggunjawab cause they had to rely on ME je whenever we want to go out.
I had to be the first one to ajak evryone.
I have to be the one to make sure everyone's confirmed gng only to receive a, 'Ala, nad. I tak tanya my mum lagi laaa' which is hell sickenning cause tht means i have to call you a million more times to remind you to ask yr friggin mother's permission to come and hv lunch or shop with ME.
Wht is so hard abt THAT ?

Moving on,

My first outing was to Debra's house fr Nikki's Farewell Party.
It was, ofcourse, a blast.
Met sme new friends and took a LOT of pictures.
HAHAHA, fun fun.
Then the next day i went out with Emina and was ecstatic abt it cause i haven't seen her since like, std4.
She moved in Std5 so since then, tak jumpa langsung.
And tht day, i met Joey too which was great.
But fr a while la. (:

THEN, the NEXT day, went to Aina's hse
Went and ordered McD, but the, wht shall i say, the ORDERER guy, was so uber blur it was so lame.
But kesian la cause maybe it was his first day or something.
But hung up anyway cause he was taking a lot of time to take down the address alone.
PFFT -.-'
It was funny though.
Then we gabbed and chatted away.

THE NEXT DAY, went to watch RushHour 3 with Shira and Aina, but Aina couldn't make it cause her little brother was sick and she had to jaga him.
Oh well :/
RUSHOUR3 was funnyyyyyyyyyyyyy sgt sgt.
Laughed cam apa je.

So yeah, tht's pretty much it.

I'm bored.
ME !


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


HAHA, friggin funny weiii.
Shira & I kept laughing esp when ChrisTucker asked tht old guys name.

So yeah, went there at abt 2.30.
Met up with Shira at MPH and went to GSC to just borak.
Since had nowhere to go.
Yeah right, nak usha guys tp PFFT, takde.
Only one.
Tu pun, his girlfriend seemed 'hot'.
As in pretty, not panas.

So got a text frm Aina and she had to bail us.
We already gt her a ticket.
She said she'll pay us bck.
Whtvr. -.-'
So Shira and I bought popcorns and Coke and off we went.
BUT before tht, we saw Emina . (again)
Shira hasn't seen her in YEARS so it was a bit of a 'penyejuk hati' as she would call it.
Some friend came screaming her name and yeah, we just walked bck to buying the popcorns.

W were one of the earliest to arrive cause i'm a bit kepoci when it comes to punctuality and Shira isn't.

Lights weren't even dimmed but wht the hey.

We laughed a lottttttttttt. A lot.
Chris Tucker is a fun-ny MAN.
HAHA, you guys should watch it wei.

SO after movie finished, we went jalan-jalan.
Shira met some old friends.
Met Emina and NOW, proper HI.

In the end we went to MPH, wanted to buy book tp PFFT, none.
And call me stingy, but didn't want to use my money.
HAHAHA, so kedekut ok.
Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr * Oh yeah, go to and type 'Baby Ally Whatever', it's hilarious. The girl is so cute*

Went bck at abt 6.
Sent Tania off to Myra's crib.
WHOA, 'crib'?
Black talk,yo homie.



Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I went out with her today, to OneUtama.
Hell funn.

She's SO great.
I mean, we haven't met since std 4.
She moved std 4 so when std 5 came along, she was no longer there.
She's amaziiiiiiing.
She loos amazing too.
She's heaps of fun to shop with.

First Rach sms-ed me and told tht she was at OU with JOEYYYYYYYY!
Damn, i haven't met him since last yr.
I mean, we've met via my car. Waved je.
HAHAHA, lame, yeah i gt it.

SO then, i went to GSC fr a bit to say hi and all.
THEN, went to MPH to meet up with Emina.
And skipped lunch cause wasn't feeling hungry like, at all.
Saw this amazingly pretty vest from Forever21.
I swear, i'm bringing Mama with me nxt time we go there.
For cash purposes.

AAAAND to Topshop we went.
Loads of nice things dah.
:D :D :D

Then ZARA.
Saw this really cooooooool bag.
Very prettyy.
I loved it.
And tht blck top frm the kids section (yes, i still do buy things there).
And there was in MY size, which is 11-12.
OMG, damn la budget.

So yeah, went to Starbucks fr a drink.
Sembang sembang sembang.
And went again to all the shops to buy stuffs.
Just now, just meronda ronda and 'check it out'.
HAHAHAHA :D i crack myself up.

Emina bought loads of things.
next time i hv to bring a lot lot lot of cash.
So tht can shop like herrrr :D



Monday, August 20, 2007

party at deb's,

Sumpah i had the best fun ever.

seriouslyyyyy, i mean, judging frm my posts, holiday was so far being Boredville.
So this party is all i need.
I had SO much funnnnn.

I met new friends, Aishah and Anisa (is tht how you spell their names?) and they were super duper hilarious.

Sarah came at abt 8.45 plus.
But before tht, we ate.
Go pursue yr career in culinary arts.
Damn nice yr bread-with-mushrooms-and-lil-green-stuffs !
And yeah, Kaveetha's roti jala was niiiiiiiiiiiiice (: very very nice.
i eat *counts* ntah.
BANYAK though.

So yeah, took (alot of) pictures.
SO much fun.

Random Thought

EVERYONE looked so hot.
Like seriously
With make up all done.
Gila hot, they sizzle yo.

Li May did some very weird dance moves, it was so cute.
Me and Sarah gelak je.

So towards the end, Aishah, Anisa, Sarah, JeiSee, Rach, all sat around the table.
We talked like a lotttt.
WE laughed so hard, i was trying to keep my cupcakes in my mouth.
From crushes to impersonating teacher, HAHAHAHAHA.

I was eating cupcakes when the question of 'Who's YOUR crush?' came up and i was like o; literally cause my mouth was full.
SO Anisa was like, 'COME ON ! SPIT IT OUUUUUUT! ' meaning tht i had to reveal who was my crush, then she realised i had a mouth full of cupcakes and she was like, 'OMG ! Not literally OK !! '
hahahahaa, we laughed so hard.

I was the earliest to ciao.
Wanted to stay longerrrrrrrrrrr.
But wht the hey.
Had a blast !


Saturday, August 18, 2007

i want,

BORED, it's amazing how i'm coping.

Seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, i am so uber bosan
I'm nt gng anywhere today.
The TV'S broke so sekaligus i cant watch Astro OR DVD.
Dahla, i'm not going anywhere kaaaaaan.

And my friends are pissing me off.
Seriously, can't you just reply sil vous plait ?
I mean, you DO have my number, all you hv to do is find N in yr phonebook and hit the green call button.
And you're done.
Wait fr me to answer, and if i don't -which i doubt it cause it's nt like i'm some popstar who has abt kajillion more stuffs to do-, text me.
But i'd doubt tht i won't answer my phone.
Right now, it's my friggin lifesaver.

OMG, i'm bored.
Dum de dum de dum de dum de dum.

I need to go out.
And have fun.
Cause tht's wht you do on holidays right ?
When schl's out, you GO out.
You HAVE fun.
You HAVE a good time.

And right now, i'm nt having any of those things.
And tht makes me pissed.

I don't care if i don't shop with friends.
I just need a day out.
To OneUtama, or wherever, I really don't care.
I wanna go catch a movie
I wanna go bowling.
I wanna sit down at Starbucks, order myself a (9 dollar) orange juice and gossip with my girls.
I wanna go out shopping or even window shop, i seriously don't mind.
I wanna go sleepover at someone's house.
I wanna go party at someone's crib.
I wanna watch godamn television.
I wanna watch reruns, despite the fact tht i hate reruns.
I wanna go to Ikea , buy myself a whole lot of things fr my room.
I wanna go to Forever21, and get me tht bloody shades.
I wanna go ZARA, and buy myself a bag.
I wanna go KLCC, and get a book at Kinokuniya cause tht's prolly the best ever bookshop in this world.
I wanna go out of this country.
I wanna go out with Fatimah, Amal, and Illi and celebrate Illi's bday bfr she goes to Australia.
I wanna go out with Aina, Kyrina and Shira now tht Aina's bck frm asrama.
I wanna go out with Sarah Iman cause well, i just want to.

and, well,

I wanna go back to school.
It was only ystrday, but i missssss schl.
I miss my friends.

I hate the holidays.
Capisce ?

(Not so) Loves,

Friday, August 17, 2007

august holidays,


So ok, the holidays have officially start.
And i welcomed the holidays with a 3 hour sleep.

At schl, we had Arts first up, and we did nothing.
Just talked with Puan Nurazlin (:
She's like, so nice to me wei.
Tht's why she'y my favourite teacherrrrrr.

Then then, we had KH with MrSze.
Later, BM .
Finally Zubaidah is here.
She was away fr some course.
Nt tht we missed her la kan.
(: HAHA.

After recess was Sivik.
I dnt like the teacher ok.
She think Sivik is like SO important when it's nt.
Pfft, she makes a huge deal.
OMG, cmon, it's friggin siviiiiik JE.

So after Sivik , we had *wait, lemme recall, i frgt* SCIENCE !
With Mas'aud.
Discussed test paper, and i swear i did SO bad.
I need t buck up, like seriously.
PMR is just next yr.
No pressuree.

Then we went hoooooooooooooome.
Officially, holiday strtd.
Ofcourse, there's the outing with friends, but.
I wanna go bck to schl.

Whoa, never had I thought i'd say tht.

Have a Happy Holidays ! See you at One Utama, cause no duh you'll end up there sooner or later (:


p/s: sarah, kalau boring sgt, jom keluar. HAHA. :D

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

perfect guy,

Tagged By Rachael, dah-ling. (:

. The tagged victim have to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.

2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover. ( - guy - )

3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time.There is NO need to do this again.

5. Lastly, most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

OH, i have alot in mind. For me, hair and eyes are crucial. Like seriously. Messy hair can be a turn on but not TOO messy. Pretty eyes are omg droolworthy.

he has to be this amazingly nice guy with manners all in hand. I want him to be VERY charming. AND friendly. The kind who's friendly to everyone despite their race, age, and religion. Politeness goes a long way fr me. You do NOT knw how a 'thank you', and 'please's matters to me. A optimistic guy won't hurt too. So basically, the kind of guy who can make my heart flutter. (:

He has to be close with his family and is not scared to break a date with me because it's his mum's birthday or anything like tht. Family plays and important role and he has to get tht clear.

he has to be clean, fullstop. he MUST take care of his hygiene since i'm so kepoh abt every single thing. wear clothes tht aren't messy and y'knw. His room has to be neat and his over all look just has to be clean cut. Take notes from Adam Brody. (;

Definitely a guy smarter than me and honey, tht ain't hard. HAHA. He has to be super-duper clever so that i have a guy i can learn (yes, actually study with) from. but i mean, no pressure. You just have to be a smart ass. Hell, it beats being a dumb ass kan.

If there were a World's Most Impatient Girlfriend award, i'll probably win hands down. I'm VERY picky and specific abt wht i want and like so yeah. The guy obvs has to possess a hell lot of patience otherwise, it def won't work. Unless I change and i doubt tht. (:

He has, no, he MUST be super duper respectful towards HIS and MY parents. Respect ME and my choices, respect his seniors and all tht. Tht'll go a looooong way, baby.

He must be loyal to his friends. I love my friends and i have their back and i want him to do the same to HIS friends. Again, i don't mind, if his friends invites him fr a soccer match, i'd let him. I won't be the kind of girlfriend who's SO friggin protective. His friends matter to him and i respect tht. Just don't do it last minute when i'm already there, dressed up. I'll kick your ass, fo sho.

Whoever who feels like copying this and pasting it in their blogs.
Too lazy to name cause it's either you've been named already by someone else or you're abt to. SO yeah.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


HI HI (:
So yeah, world.

I jst came back frm OneUtama with Sarah, my girl (:

First, i went to Carls Jr with family cause Sarah tak arrive lg.
I met Nikki, Kaveetha and Marc (:
Always bump to Nikki wei.
Tht other day pun but with Karen.
So then went to Times to wait fr Sarah.
She came at abt, 10 minutes after.

and talk.
a lot ;D

HAHA, so like, went to to eat at Burger King .

Wanted to go watch Rush Hour 3 but we missed the seats by like, 5 seconds.
It was available by the time we gt to the counter but some other counter booked it first fr some other people.
Met Fatin Fariha , BTW.

We met Grace, Brenda and Belinda , on the way.
They were in a hurry but Sarah managed to high 5 all of em.

Then, we met Audrey at Topshop, hugged her and chat fr like, 10 seconds.

After tht, we went to Forever21 , me and Sarah tried out a lot of shades.
Chose one and it was really nice.
It was an aviator with big frames.
WE both wanted the same kind of shades but in the end, didn't buy. PFFT.
Shall buy it the next trip to OU.

SO then went to ZARA , .
Tried out this really really cute black top cum dress.
SOOOOO cute.
HAHA, so ofcourse we bought it.

WE have a lot in common smpai baju and shades pun nak beli the same.
That's why she's my best friend , yo.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Hi ,

Today is the last of our 2 day test, thank God to tht.

Sooo, first we had KH.
Ofcourse, everyone gelabah a bit, but it turned out pretty OK, actually.
Nt tht hard, unless ofcourse you haven't read anything. Then yeah, pity you ):

So then, it was English.
Easy Peasy.
But the one where you had to fill out the names of the characters frm The Phanton Of The Opera, I was kinda stuck.
HAHAHA, I actually wrote Frank Buquet.
OMG, SO stupiiiiid.
Then, Natrah was like, 'Er, it's Joseph la'
And baru la i know.


THEN we had Sejarah.
Some tough bits but was doable.
Is there such word ? doable ?
whoa, i gt it bad -.-'

We had, mathematics.
The bloodiest, hardiest, sickenning-est, worst every paper i've done in like, ever.
No joke.
Beats out PMR.
Seriously weiii.
It strtd at 12.10 and ended 1.10.
By 12.45 (with *counts* 25 minutes to go) i was only at Goddamn Question 12.
And then by 1.10, i was hurryingly to do EVERYTHING i can.
Mas'aud, then came and said it's time.
I was like, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
I knew i couldn't do anything more and I left like, a lot of questions out.
And because I couldn't do it, i cried.
I jst couldn't tahan tau.
It just kinda came out.
Wanted to stop cause didn't want to make it obvious tht i didn't finish, i tried.
But i couldn't.

UGH, i feel crappy.
I knw it's jst a test, but it's like, i'm always bad in Math and jst fr once, for ONCE, after Math test, i wanna say it was easy.

nt trying to be a negative person or wht, but i SO knw, i'm gonna fail.
No douuuubt.

I hate math, i hate math, i hate math, i hate math, i hate math, i hate math, i hate math.

Did I mention i hate math ?

Thank God fr friends, eh. They make you hell better in like a nanosecond.
Thanks, y'all.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007



I hate this.
I have this (very) annoying habit of studying at the last minute which i might add, is NOT good.
So today, we had BM, Science, Agama aaaaaand Geography .
OMG, Science was the hardest weiii.
I didn't get all tht experiment talk.
At allllll.
I hentam most of em and there's a 99% possibilty i'd fail.
Make tht 100% -.-'

So yeah, BM, GEOG was easy.
Agama too.
A bit of confusion here and there, but wth.

So yeah, tmrw.
OMG, there's gonna be Sejarah, English, Mathematics and KH.

Sejarah is gonna be a hell of a ride.
But like, thank God, there's English to ease all the pain.

Oh shit, i gotta study.


Saturday, August 4, 2007



Today is August 4th.
SO at like, 11 something, Maktok, Mama, Tania and I went to Bangsar
Nothing there, jst went to Watsons to buy Acne Medication.
Cause i have one smack on my nose, it's healing but still -.-'
and one, really noticeable on my corner of my lips.

AND then, we went to OneUtama
We went to go eat first at Chillies.
Zomg, i was soooo full after eating tht Mushroom Swiss.
so then, I went to wonderful, wonderful, Topshop.
Bought a blck top (:
i want more stuff but mama wasn't there so forced to use my own cash.
ISh -.-
and then, went down to Zara.
Nothing there.
Then, headed to Parkson.
Marc by Marc Jacobs watches are like, seriously friggin lawaaaa.
I've seen them from my Teenvogues but nvr in front of my eye.
So prettyyyyyyy.
I want !
Mama said she'll buy nxt time.
Yeayyyyy !
There's one like, a guitar shape.
OH, tht's prettyy.
And then, got this DKNY watch.
Also, very lawa ok.
I was so starstrucked but nt by celebs.
Just watches.


So then, decided to go buy a bag fr test nxt week from Dorothy Perkins.
On the way bck, met Nikki and Karen !
They raided my bags, weiiii.
Bag Raider.

THEN, went to MPH, bought myself the latest issue of TeenVogue .
Very very happy.

Then, later went to Ikea.
Got new cupboard, a small one but it's really purdy. (:

OK, then, im off.
My feet are like, half dead and besides, i gt to study -.-'